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21 June 2024 (07:43) Reward Shirne will give you a free gold converter after today's save. Package of Potions will now give 50% more potions after using it.
06 June 2024 (06:05) Event skill powders cost has been reduced to 200 Tibia Coins.
05 June 2024 (07:56) New Ruthless Seven Demon: Apocalypse will be available at the northern part of the Dark World after today's save.
05 June 2024 (07:55) Daily Reward Shrine will recieve a small fix. Skill powders will have a maximum usage of ten per character (Only 10 powders by character, no matter if they are diferent kind of skill).
05 June 2024 (07:55) Respawn of Ice Dragons and Grim Reapers will recieve a relocation to allow lower levels to exploit the respawns by single gameplay.
01 June 2024 (10:40) by Francisco Fonseca - 2024 Summer Update

Our 4th Anniversary Event begins. I am really proud to celebrate with you one more year online!
I apologize for no major update finished at this point
, you all know this game develop is a hobby for me and I'm having a busy schedule lately, however you already can enjoy the lastest feature with some of Ruthless Seven Bosses in the Dark World.
Our proporsal section has evolved to a private develop discussion team, where we will aim our product to a long term gameplay features.
You may start the event by talking the Cipsoft Members NPCs at the Rookgaard Academy! You will be able to collect Tibia Coins for free in this event, and also exchange event tokens for valuable items and other surprises.

During 5 months of shop this year we have reached the magic number of $ 68,060 MXN along with some direct bank transactions that ascend around $ 5,000.00 MXN

Special Thanks to all the donators of the project. Your contributions ensure more years of fun in our server game!
To celebrate our anniversary our shop will have 20% discount during this month!

This is a fanmade game by Francisco Fonseca. Please, play and support Cipsoft's Tibia at 
Copyright Cipsoft GmbH. All rights reserved. Tibia is a registred trademark of Cipsoft GmbH.


I hope you enjoy the new update,
Francisco Fonseca

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