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    24 September 2023 (19:21) After today's save default decoration from ground tiles will be removed. This is to avoid conflicts when adding the new store decoration.
    24 September 2023 (06:59) New gear tools in shop with custom useful tool functions! - Please support the server!
    24 September 2023 (06:59) Furniture Prices have been fixed. Special Thanks to @Caranthir for the help. Mailboxes now have weight to avoid abuses.
    24 September 2023 (06:58) New Ice Dragons at Sunken Zone Iceberg for level 200.
    24 September 2023 (06:58) Level requirment for isle of the Gods is now level 30.
    hello world!
    [#4] 31 May 2021 (01:41) by Francisco Fonseca - 2021 Spring Update

    The Spring Update has just been released, so let's briefly look at the new features and content which are in store for you:

    Game recived a massive update, the client now includes all of the newest Cipsoft's Tibia sprites. This means I will be able to create hundred of new areas, quests, secrets and content for you. However this will require some time to do but don't worry, game will be expanded periodically with content as I can find time to work in the project.

    Remember I have a real life and it is kinda hard for me to test everything before releasing, but if you find any issue or something doesn't feel alright don't rage, just send me a message and I can adjust it for a better gameplay.

    Game will keep balancing due the introduction of new weapons in quest which may be a possible cause of disbalance. I will try not to cause an hiperinflation or any other of the Cipsoft's Tibia mistakes.

    New event massive quests will be introduced for higher levels while the Dark World mapping is finished, also the store will be expanded periodicaly with new items, outfits and mounts.


    I hope you enjoy the new update,
    Francisco Fonseca

    This is a fanmade game by Francisco Fonseca. Please, play and support Cipsoft's Tibia at www.tibia.com
    Copyright Cipsoft GmbH. All rights reserved. Tibia is a registred trademark of Cipsoft GmbH.

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