21 June 2024 (07:43)
Reward Shirne will give you a free gold converter after today's save. Package of Potions will now give 50% more potions after using it.
06 June 2024 (06:05)
Event skill powders cost has been reduced to 200 Tibia Coins.
05 June 2024 (07:56)
New Ruthless Seven Demon: Apocalypse will be available at the northern part of the Dark World after today's save.
05 June 2024 (07:55)
Daily Reward Shrine will recieve a small fix. Skill powders will have a maximum usage of ten per character (Only 10 powders by character, no matter if they are diferent kind of skill).
05 June 2024 (07:55)
Respawn of Ice Dragons and Grim Reapers will recieve a relocation to allow lower levels to exploit the respawns by single gameplay.
05 June 2024 (07:55)
Package of potion will now give you custom supplies depending your level and vocation.
05 June 2024 (07:55)
Vampire Spells damage will be re-balanced.
05 June 2024 (07:55)
Many Faces, Infernal Demon, Turbulent Elemental and Brachiodemon have all now a small chance to drop dark matter. (0.01%)
05 June 2024 (07:55)
Cipsoft Members now have double rate at dropping Tibia Coins.
20 May 2024 (07:51)
You may now cast renzokuken with buster weapons and familiar sword.
20 May 2024 (07:50)
Vampire Spells now consume much less mana.
20 May 2024 (07:50)
Crafting materials has been reduced drastically.
20 May 2024 (07:48)
New Master Key Item at shop. It works same as a lock pick and immediatly.
20 May 2024 (07:47)
Reward Shrine will give DOUBLE exp for one hour in the last daily reward stage. BE SURE TO CLAIM YOUR REWARD EVERYDAY TO REACH AND KEEP THE DOUBLE EXP STAGE.
20 May 2024 (07:47)
Ruthless Seven give +3 tibia coins with 8% chance. You can get a max of 28 Tibia Coins per kill if you are lucky!
11 May 2024 (12:23)
You may now play dice gambling in the Dark World. Visit Cassino del Diablo.
11 May 2024 (12:23)
Ruthless Seven give +3 tibia coins with 8% chance. You can get a max of 28 Tibia Coins per kill if you are lucky!
26 April 2024 (07:51)
During the months of May and June our shop will have 20% discount to celebrate the 4th year anniversary. During our event you will be able to get free Shop Points too! Thank You for your support! Your donations are the fuel of our project!
26 April 2024 (07:51)
Buster weapon regeneration time will be shortened after today's save.
26 April 2024 (07:50)
Many faces speed will be boosted after today's save.
26 April 2024 (07:50)
After today's save. The ruthless seven boss Bazir will be available for combat at the southwestern part of the Dark World. Good Luck!
26 April 2024 (07:50)
The list of notable server contributors in our temple Memorial will be updated after today's save.
26 April 2024 (07:50)
After today's save Trader Devils will sell Holy Missile Rune.
26 April 2024 (07:49)
Wyda will now buy berserk potion, mastermind potion and bullseye potion for 500 gold each. God Summon Kill task now gives 3 Tibia Coins. (+1 Tibia Coin)
26 April 2024 (07:49)
NPC Budrik will now pay huge aumonts of money for crafting materials.
26 April 2024 (07:49)
Arranged some positions at elven, pirates, wolves and bear raids. Carbuncle will turn into gold gear wheels and gear crystals.
26 April 2024 (07:49)
Soulshroud for level 400 will be fixed. Corrected a map bug at Vikings area. Verminor will now paralyze more often and summon 1-4 diabolic slimes.
26 April 2024 (07:48)
Walking in lava will deal only 200 damage per step. Infernatil and Verminor room has changed to a small area, and they teleport again to random areas in the room. Watch Out!
26 April 2024 (07:48)
You may now re-charge your firewalker/waterwalking boots using enchanted gems even if they still have remaining time left. Grim Reaper and Ghastly Dragons now yield more experience points. Holy Arrow now has huge area damage.
29 March 2024 (09:11)
New Ruthless Seven will be available at the eastern part of the Dark World: Verminor.
27 March 2024 (12:52)
Summons have been re-balanced. Please read our discord changelog for details.
27 March 2024 (08:38)
After today's save every cussing and every offensive religious terms will be deleted from game and adapted to something softer, this is to avoid problems with advertising, sensitive public and social media in the future.
27 March 2024 (08:38)
After today's save Eternal Oblivion and Tripida are now fearsome powerful bosses for higher level.
27 March 2024 (08:38)
After today's save Titan will drop better loot.
19 March 2024 (06:26)
Inferntail loot has been nerfed a little bit. This is to avoid breaking long-term gameplay. Infernatil now casts a new close range damage magic spell.
19 March 2024 (06:25)
After today's save Ice Dragon and Sacred Dragon won't have friendly fire damage. Bug fixed with amulet of theurgic.
15 March 2024 (08:10)
Nando NPC now pays MORE Tibia Coins for the trade window items.
15 March 2024 (07:05)
Grim Reapers now have Cipsoft's Tibia values. Watch Out!
15 March 2024 (06:43)
Ghastly Dragon has now Cipsoft's Tibia values. Watch Out!
15 March 2024 (05:52)
Master Librarian now trades portable hole for 6 vampire tokens.
15 March 2024 (05:52)
Ferumbras scrolls now costs two more points in shop. You can get them for their original price at the NPC in-game quest.
15 March 2024 (05:51)
Nikolai will now sell exp scrolls for 3000000 gold. This is due easy-to-get money from our boss rush gameplay.
15 March 2024 (05:51)
The Ice Dragon spot will have more Ice Dragons. Gold has been removed from shop.
12 March 2024 (08:00)
God Summons Lvl 4 available with Diana NPC after today's save.
12 March 2024 (07:59)
After today's save a small fix of God items cooldown will be applied.
12 March 2024 (07:58)
After today's save new NPCs at Fibula Paty and Catrina Horse. A quest is under develop for these NPCs.
12 March 2024 (07:58)
Dark Matter conversion rate has been lowered.
12 March 2024 (07:58)
You may only find gold nugget in map at the Frog King treasure room from now on. Else loot it from Final Guard.
04 March 2024 (08:20)
Tantarian now will have a small chance to drop scroll of wisdom, sinister, ominous and knowledgeable.
04 March 2024 (08:20)
Life Apple and God's Ring won't save you from dying if you are in PVP status or have any Skull Mark.
04 March 2024 (08:19)
After today's save Infernatil Loot will be re-adjusted with much better loot. I will post the code shortly. Corrected tile bug in Infernatil's zone. Extended Infernatil battle time to 45 minutes.
27 February 2024 (08:02)
The respawn creatures at infernatil battle have been removed. You will have to deal with non-respawnable creatures only after you take the challenge.
27 February 2024 (08:01)
After today's save there will be quest doors for every seal of Knightmare Crypt Quest. There will be a new wagon in mine, north from potion shop that leads directly to Ifirt Dungeon Entrace. Minor loot ID fixes in Retching Horror creature.
27 February 2024 (08:01)
After today's save fleshy bone bug will be fixed and it will allow you to feed cerberus puppy with it.
23 February 2024 (09:11)
The Ruthless Seven are being implemented in Rookgaard Tales, read discord changelog for more details.
17 February 2024 (19:23)
Holy Missile Rune now has a better damage formula.
05 February 2024 (06:58)
Fixed Deepling tasks from Sharptooth NPC. Fixed ghastly Dragons tasks from Aile NPC.
05 February 2024 (04:42)
NPC Robin now gives you Flea Hunting Task.
04 February 2024 (06:57)
After today's save you will be able to use fishing rod in a water elemental corpses only during 10 seconds after it's death. Else treasure will be lost. Spy Eye coords fixed. Only one player at a time shall enter again. Revised keywords for Valentina.
01 February 2024 (07:09)
Deeplings are now inmmune to drown damage.
01 February 2024 (07:09)
Carbuncle now buy deepling loot.
01 February 2024 (07:09)
House Contract will work as portable hole outside of PZ with same storage cooldown, however it will transport you to your house insthead of depot as always. If you don't own a house, it just won't work.
31 January 2024 (07:37)
After today's save there won't be friendly fire among certain kind of creatures.
31 January 2024 (07:18)
You may now walk thru trianers this is to avoid block zones with them or encourage botting.
31 January 2024 (07:17)
NPC Douglas no longer will trigger event in academy.
31 January 2024 (07:16)
Queen of the Hurt will be one hand weapon. However it's attack will be adjusted to a proper range of damage.
31 January 2024 (07:16)
New deeplings respawn available! Check it out at deep sea! Talk to Guardian of the Deep Seas for more information!
31 January 2024 (07:15)
Minor adjustments to green reaper respawn after today's save. Paco's guitar will drain a little of your mana points every hit.
28 January 2024 (21:54)
After today's save, you will be able to walk over trainers.
28 January 2024 (21:54)
Paralyze from Paco's guitar will be reduced by 50% after today's save. However it will still paralyze every hit.
26 January 2024 (07:23)
After today's save soulweapons will be updated with 80% elemental damage. Enhanced soulweapons (Lvl 100) will have blacksmith upgrades.
23 January 2024 (02:25)
After today's save you will recieve Task Points after completing a hunting task. You will be able to exchange them for Tibia Coins (Shop Points), a new Outfit or Mount with Mr Morris NPC at academy.
22 January 2024 (04:58)
New secrets in server after today's save.
22 January 2024 (04:54)
Please read our discord changelog for details of the new forge.
22 January 2024 (04:54)
New item in shop. The Godslayer, it costs 1200 shop points.
20 January 2024 (07:15)
Queen of the Hurt will be rebalanced after today's save.
20 January 2024 (06:56)
After today's save Queen of the Hurt attack will be re-balanced. It's attack will be buffed same as soul weapons. However it will remain as a two handed weapon but with powerful void.
18 January 2024 (09:23)
Sword Familiar of level 2 or higher no longer cancel "challenge" spell by dissapearing.
18 January 2024 (09:23)
After today's save Life Apple won't work if you have a red or black skull mark.
17 January 2024 (08:53)
After today's save all new 9.1+ weapons will be able to destroy furniture and wooden walls that block some paths.
15 January 2024 (06:46)
You may no longer use Find Person spell to look for our Server Assistant after today's save.
14 January 2024 (12:26)
Walkable Water is no longer protection zone. You may only use flying or acuatic mounts while walking in water. Drowning now deals 200 periodic drown damage if you are not wearing a helmet of the deep. Walkable Lava now deals 500 damage per step.
14 January 2024 (09:31)
Dragonling now can be mounted while walking in lava.
14 January 2024 (09:27)
Trisha now may give warrior outfit to mages of magic level 30 or higher. She nows suggests you to trade harness to tame t-rexaur after completing the hunting killing task.
10 January 2024 (09:40)
A new farming spot will be available after today's save at Fibula Village. However this farm never will be able to be used to raise animals.
10 January 2024 (09:39)
After today's save plants and trees pollution in Dark World will be relocated. This will become Dark World surface in a great hunting respawn.
10 January 2024 (06:27)
Game Rules have been updated.
09 January 2024 (07:43)
After today's save Paco's guitar paralyze bug that froze creatures will be fixed.
07 January 2024 (06:49)
After today's save life apple won't be necesary to wear in ammo slot anymore, as long as the apple is with the character it will consume upon death and heal the player.
30 December 2023 (06:54)
New NPC Nebuchadnezzar at the Dark World forge. He will be in charge of exchanging dark matter for soul pieces from now on. He can also refine mythirl into dark matter.
29 December 2023 (09:02)
After today's save giant smithhammer will dissamble all high level items.
28 December 2023 (13:58)
NPC Neill updated with new enhancements for your weapons.
28 December 2023 (13:57)
You may now dissamble equipment into ceratarium with a giant smithhammer. There are some IDs left to update, please be patient.
27 December 2023 (07:34)
New respawns after today's save. Consult discord changelog for further details.
27 December 2023 (00:47)
After today's save fungar is now easier to kill, similar to a guzzlemaw and yield 7200 experience points per kill. I've put some extra hydras and omnivoras at their spawn for extra experience.
26 December 2023 (23:23)
Frazzlemaw, Guzzlemaw and Silencer speed has been increased.
26 December 2023 (14:02)
New Frazzlemaw, Guzzlemaw and Silencer zone, Tarduul north from Draagkoor.
26 December 2023 (14:00)
You may now use the sewer pipe transport system of the Dark World.
26 December 2023 (14:00)
Frog knight and paladin will rarely summon infernal frogs from now on.
26 December 2023 (14:00)
It is much easier to resurect koshei the deathless at the Rookgaard Catacombs using the koshei's amulet. (50% chance)
26 December 2023 (14:00)
Arwen NPC now sell beastslayer axe.
26 December 2023 (13:59)
Duro will now charge you 2500 gold each time you want to use the forge. Use keyword: "dissamble".
26 December 2023 (13:59)
Removed items that NPC Arwen sells from Duro's dissamble system.
26 December 2023 (13:59)
Eternal Breath's special ability has been changed to basic void.
26 December 2023 (13:58)
New NPC Clint for enhance equipment at the old mine.
24 December 2023 (19:37)
Due problems with keywords with the word 'matter' common matter will be renamed to iridium, rare matter to ceratanium and legendary matter to mythirl.
24 December 2023 (19:34)
You may now fight daily bosses for only one red powder and their drop of items for level 150 increased around 3% to 4%.
24 December 2023 (07:50)
After today's save we will have 20% percent of discount in our shop prices during December 24, 25 and 26.
19 December 2023 (14:59)
Dark World depot is now a diferent depot from your Light World depot.
19 December 2023 (14:54)
Some spots from the Dark World have been filled with creatures like Vexclaw, Undead Dragons and other monsters.
19 December 2023 (14:54)
There is now a shortcut from Dark Academy to the path to Dark Mintwallin.
19 December 2023 (14:54)
The Yielothax dimension is now accesible from Dark World new tower at the east of the island.
19 December 2023 (14:53)
Rookgaard Dark World island is now filled with many frazzlemaw and guzzlemaw among with silencers, which is now an huge respawns similar to Roshamuul, in consecuense the firewalker boots quest has been moved to the starter area, very easy to obtain.
19 December 2023 (14:40)
Rudolph NPC now exchanges all of your present bags with a single keyword command.
17 December 2023 (07:36)
New demigod boss Yalel available in the Depths of the Dark World Dungeons. (rare spawn)
14 December 2023 (06:04)
After today's save Virgilia Summon will be inmune to holy damage as it is a paladin related special summon.
14 December 2023 (06:03)
After today's save you will be able to trade your hard matter from new forge system, for 25 Tibia Coins each with Nando NPC at dark world.
14 December 2023 (06:03)
After today's save solar axe, blessed sceptre and bonebreaker will have elemental damage.
08 December 2023 (08:30)
After today's save Call Shop NPCs will sell more variety of runes.
07 December 2023 (04:05)
Fixed Bahamut bug that caused 100% rate battle chance.
07 December 2023 (03:53)
After today's save you will be able to buy animals at Bonnie NPC for Silent Falls farm house. Silent Falls farm has been revamped.
07 December 2023 (00:37)
Ice Dragon is now as strong as a sacred dragon and yield same experience points. Sacred dragon now drops dragon tongue and dragon blood.
06 December 2023 (08:25)
After today's save abandoned castle will have ghostly aparition effects, bats, haunting mirrors and other cosmetic spooky effects.
06 December 2023 (08:02)
After today's save bamboo houses will have a revamp. Housing cost will be increased for Guild Houses (300 k) and the cost of the rest of the houses will be rounded. Regular House Max Price will be 100 k. Houses with higher cost will now cost less money.
03 December 2023 (07:00)
Christmas House Decoration Contest has started! Look at our discord for more details!
01 December 2023 (01:45)
Dark World mirror bug fixed.
29 November 2023 (06:24)
After today's save the bug that allows to re-use summon items when you already have the summon will be fixed.
28 November 2023 (10:09)
New accesories available in our shop! Thank You for your support! Two days left with 20% discount in our shop! Thank You for your support!
28 November 2023 (10:08)
After today's save new houses will be available in for players to rent.
27 November 2023 (06:11)
Werewolf helmet bug fixed after today's save.
25 November 2023 (08:57)
Fixed bug at Diana's date when loging out.
25 November 2023 (08:57)
You may now caught a diferent variety of creatures when using a normal fishing rod depending on your fishing skill level.
25 November 2023 (08:56)
After today's save bass fishes will be rare caughts and you may no longer get them from ice fishing.
25 November 2023 (08:56)
Important changes were aplied today related to PVP. Please read our discord changelog.
23 November 2023 (08:20)
Our Service Agreement, Rules and Privacy Policy have been updated.
23 November 2023 (07:35)
Various respawns suffered modifications. Please read our discord changelog for more information.
21 November 2023 (01:03)
Garsharak's secret treasure has been re-decorated and nerfed the aumont of gold ingots you may pick up after every server save.
21 November 2023 (01:02)
After today's save some new decoration for houses will not be available in shop. You will have to search for these special furniture in-game only.
19 November 2023 (18:53)
God's shoes defense will be increased by 5 points after today's save.
19 November 2023 (06:14)
After today's save the aumount of grim reapers at the catacombs in Light World will be increased.
18 November 2023 (06:25)
Soulberry price in shop increased to 3 points.
18 November 2023 (06:25)
After today's save: grandoise table will no longer be a container, this was a mistake I commited when copy/paste code. NPC Cipfried will no longer require blessing charms to bless your wooden stake, it will now ask for a great gospel instehad.
18 November 2023 (06:25)
Problems with NPCs while crafting items, for example not reacting to the first time you type the keyword have been fixed.
08 November 2023 (07:25)
Diana's Date bug while waterwalking fixed after today's save.
08 November 2023 (07:25)
Hyacinth bug for wand/rod addon fixed after today's save.
08 November 2023 (07:17)
After today's save you will be able to claim your reward from shirne every 12 hours! Watch out! If you don't claim a reward under 24 hours you will loose the row for reaching daily free exp boost!
06 November 2023 (21:43)
PVP Red and Black Skull will last 30 days in order to regulate game and have a healthy enviorment for everyone. So enjoy PVP! And remember to be respectful to our costumers!
06 November 2023 (21:39)
You may now remove pools with a broom. The whacking diller of fate now has saw function to make wood. You may no longer reset baby infant mission using a hammer, only when baby ask for the hammer (Pacifer).
06 November 2023 (21:37)
You may now enchant dracoyle statue with a small enchanted emerald.
04 November 2023 (08:09)
Knightmare's Zantetsuken will be casted after 5 minutes of battle againts him insthead of 10 so, watch out!
04 November 2023 (07:26)
After today save it will apply the Cipsoft's Tibia skull lenght for PVP.
04 November 2023 (07:25)
After today's save you will be able to enchant dracoyle statue with a small enchanted emerald.
04 November 2023 (07:25)
After today's save Dark Diana attack, HP and healing speed will be buffed. She will also cast the drunk, smoke bomb and invisibility spell.
04 November 2023 (07:25)
After today's save Carbuncle will transform Budrik's loot. Except by small sapphires, rubies, amethyst, emeralds and topaz and their enchanted versions.
01 November 2023 (07:27)
Prices are now with 20% discount during the month of November!
01 November 2023 (07:27)
After today's save to avoid infinite loop hunting or break the economy Carbuncle will buy items at half price.
30 October 2023 (06:15)
After today's save Carbuncle will transform demonic essences into money. It is now easier to drop very noble looking watch from crazed beggars (quest item). From 0.4% to 1.5% Drop chance.
29 October 2023 (02:04)
After today's save Malboro and God Summon Battles will have a new Smoke Bomb attack, this attack will remove the fields placed by players. So watch out and get your runes ready! Bahamut God Boss will now spawn in the middle of his cave.
29 October 2023 (02:04)
After today's save Carbuncle Summon will have a new ability: Ruby Light, it will transfrom most of the creature products into money.
29 October 2023 (02:04)
After today's save infernal bolt will no longer have area damage, royal flush damage will be reduced by 50%, still you will be able to use ethereal spear or strong ethereal spear after, and divine caldera will be buffed with +100 damage points each turn.
28 October 2023 (17:43)
Titan new ability Med Lvl Up. The efficiency of potions increase by 10% while having Titan Summoned.
27 October 2023 (08:48)
After today's save Infernal Bolt will have a little area damage similar as holy arrow.
27 October 2023 (08:48)
Players now may equip ammo in their ammo slot simply by clicking on the items, which can be added to your hotkeys menu. This should improve a lot the management of playing with Paladins in our Android app!
26 October 2023 (09:05)
You may no longer use shop beds from your inventory or outside of house tiles anymore.
22 October 2023 (09:39)
New Furniture available in our shop.
22 October 2023 (08:03)
After today's save Servant Sentry NPC will re-fill the sewers with slime fungus after asking for the mission. Keep on mind raid will not trigger if another raid is active at the moment you ask for the slime fungus task.
22 October 2023 (07:16)
Holy Arrow (150) now has a small 3x3 area damage. Not so broken as real tibia, but still will help a lot in hunts to Paladins.
22 October 2023 (07:15)
Now If you purchase a horse or donkey this creature will prepare the land for sowing seeds just by walking on the SQMs! - It will also work if you are using a horse/donkey mount! Also using a seed will drop it exactly under your sqm.
22 October 2023 (07:15)
After today's save, boots of waterwalking will be available from level 50 or higher. Also the quest door will be changed to level 50.
22 October 2023 (07:15)
After today's save firewalker boots will be for level 75 and ther will be re-loced at the amber raft place in the Dark World. This is to make a more logical exploratin of the game with the new changes. You may now start rapanio quest at level 75.
15 October 2023 (06:44)
Game Clients have been updated with new sprites for Royal Flush spell and corrected some cooldown timers. You may re-download them at our site anytime.
15 October 2023 (06:41)
After today's save a new spell will be added for royal paladins: "Royal Flush" you can purchase it with Tom NPC for 5100 gold.
15 October 2023 (06:40)
Overall basic equipment has been buffed by 10% from it's current value. In consecuense, Nando NPC will only trade rare items for Tibia Coins from now on.
15 October 2023 (06:39)
Due massive feedback from players about server economy, potion prices have been reduced to the values from 2007 (Tibia 8.1 December 11 2007)
12 October 2023 (07:47)
Spirit and Tetra Spirit no longer has inmunity to elements, Tetra Spirit attack and attack speed has been nerfed and it will self destruct after 30 seconds.
12 October 2023 (07:46)
Shortcut to Dark Dungeons have been removed. Now you may enter only as Red Skull marked player.
11 October 2023 (19:42)
Nando NPC now gives more Tibia Coins per trade. However you may only trade with him once every 20 hours.
10 October 2023 (07:47)
Shop now has more items! Check the offers!
10 October 2023 (07:46)
Fixed Costume Bags from Yellow Toilet Paper Man NPC, simply ask for trade and purchase a halloween costumne.
03 October 2023 (05:39)
After today's save cooldown for skinning a mutated pumpkin will be reduced to 2 minutes.
01 October 2023 (20:54)
Halloween event is on! You may find the halloween hare south from the village and Yellow Toilet Paper man at the graveyard crytps.
01 October 2023 (20:53)
New crafting NPC under Lee'delle Store. Fixed Captain Dreadnought NPC keyword you may now travel to isle of kings properly. Demodras Summon NPC level requirements to travel have been adjusted.
24 September 2023 (19:21)
After today's save default decoration from ground tiles will be removed. This is to avoid conflicts when adding the new store decoration.
24 September 2023 (06:59)
New gear tools in shop with custom useful tool functions! - Please support the server!
24 September 2023 (06:59)
Furniture Prices have been fixed. Special Thanks to @Caranthir for the help. Mailboxes now have weight to avoid abuses.
24 September 2023 (06:58)
New Ice Dragons at Sunken Zone Iceberg for level 200.
24 September 2023 (06:58)
Level requirment for isle of the Gods is now level 30.
24 September 2023 (06:57)
The Summon Item Quest now has more enemies at the place. It is also now a good hunting spot for the teams that wish to go there.
24 September 2023 (06:57)
Demoniac Quetzal renamed to Demon Quetzal and drops x3 colourful feathers. Bone Dragon now drops pile of grave earth with higher drop chance.
24 September 2023 (06:57)
NPC Lily now sells low level wands/rods at her shop in the village. NPC Arwen no longer sells low level wands/rods at the old mine store.
18 September 2023 (10:38)
Multiple changes were made today, please read our discord changelog.
13 September 2023 (05:15)
Due some bot tracking issues and hunt-broken mechanic Spirits Summons from Vampire Spells are no longer inmmune to physical damage.
13 September 2023 (05:15)
Statues removed from Isle of the Gods hunt area.
11 September 2023 (08:02)
Blood Priest now walks faster. Adjusted with Holy Missile Mana Consumption.
17 August 2023 (10:33)
Several changes and fixes have been made, please read discord changelog.
11 August 2023 (05:40)
Neza now buys snake skin, hydra heads, perfect behemoth fangs and strand of medusa hair and these items have been removed from Gimli NPCs trade.
06 August 2023 (02:13)
Fishes, Northern Pikes, Jellyfish, Calamary, Sea Crest Serpent, Manta Ray and Sharks will be introduced to game after today's save.
05 August 2023 (21:18)
Blessing charms have been added to the store.
02 August 2023 (02:41)
Boots of Haste quest is now for level 60.
28 July 2023 (07:22)
Paco Zombie Summon (Level 1) will be readjusted after today's save to ensure fair pvp battles with the new balance.
28 July 2023 (07:22)
Level requirment to travel to the islands with Captain Dreadnought has been re-adjusted.
23 July 2023 (09:23)
Rashid's price of vials has been adjusted.
23 July 2023 (09:22)
Jonsion now buys creature products for DOUBLE price.
19 July 2023 (03:47)
Similar to Yasir from Cipsoft's Tibia now NPC Jonsion buys every pre 9.1 creature product. Paulie no longer sells very noble looking watch.
08 July 2023 (07:34)
After today's save dragon lord, giant spider, sea serpent, magma salamander and frost dragon raid will be removed from jamay hat and they will no longer auto-trigger to avoid killing players in respawn.
08 July 2023 (04:39)
New secrets have been added to the game.
08 July 2023 (04:39)
There is now a system of hidden whirpools that can take you faster to sunken city and nearly respawns at the sunken zone. Whirlpool room at the submerged city now has whirlpools to each respawn of the area.
08 July 2023 (04:38)
After today's save: Quara Scout respawns are much better hunting place for lower levels. Sunken Zone has been filled with all kind of Quaras and Sea Serpents. Fixed some mapping bugs at Dragon Cave. Fixed Sea Serpent timer respawn at sunken zone.
06 July 2023 (03:01)
Rookgaard Tales Server is Online again. Apologies for the downtime. Thank You for your patience.
04 July 2023 (04:27)
NPC Neza now reacts to Tasks Keyword properly.
04 July 2023 (04:21)
Ice Fishing rates will be adjusted as Cipsoft's Tibia after today's save.
29 June 2023 (09:45)
You may now use harness to tame a draptor or T-Rexaur. T-Rexaur now has 100% chance of taming.
29 June 2023 (08:48)
Asralius NPC no longer recharges pendulet, sleep shawl, blister ring, amulet of theurgy or ring of souls for tibia coins, now he recharge the mentioned items for 50000 gold coins.
29 June 2023 (08:33)
Chakoyas and frost trolls now spawn at the begining of the spiral frozen cave, the place where Godess Shiva sleeps.
29 June 2023 (08:32)
Some tutorial storage script bugs have been fixed.
29 June 2023 (08:32)
God Quezacotl no longer spawns in low level area. Now he will spawn at a secret chamber under the sacrifice pyramid.
29 June 2023 (08:32)
Ice Fishing stats have been adjusted as it is in Cipsoft's Tibia. You may now caught bass fishes while doing ice fishing. Bass fishes are now more common while fishing.
27 June 2023 (05:05)
NPC Diana now sell teleport spell to dark world with keyword "special".
23 June 2023 (07:06)
Fixed exchange bugs with Stephan NPC.
20 June 2023 (07:20)
Hydra no longer drops egg shells, young fungar and young hydra now drops quest items with 100% chance.
20 June 2023 (07:12)
Now you have 80% chance of spawn young fungars from voodoo lily. In order to not mess with marriage system script, now you have to buy blessings using the full keyword: "blessing".
19 June 2023 (08:29)
NPC Stephan Borzonyi now trade silver raid tokens for experience scrolls, stamina soup, mount items and other interesting items!
17 June 2023 (10:25)
Demodras has been nerfed to double from his regular Cipsoft's Tibia stats.
17 June 2023 (10:17)
Ocelus Summon no longer has bank services. Storage bug at Diana's Date has been fixed.
15 June 2023 (08:43)
Fixed bug of walking thru Demon Gate NPCs.
13 June 2023 (02:54)
Our 3th Anniversary Event is already playable. Check Discord for further information.
10 June 2023 (05:15)
Trevor tasks has been fixed. Bugged doors of some houses have been fixed.
10 June 2023 (05:15)
Cap bug when Crafting Sugar Oat will be fixed after today's save. After today's save you may recharge fishtail with enchanted small sapphires.
05 June 2023 (12:00)
You may now have 20 characters per account.
05 June 2023 (01:23)
After today's save: Infinite Speed Boost in MountSounds script will be fixed with lua speed boost. Also Hot Cousine Dishes will no loger loose it's effect when casting spell buffs, mount usage, dying or logging out.
04 June 2023 (23:29)
Mr Morris NPC task rewards have been fixed.
03 June 2023 (09:35)
Wyvern has been adjusted with Cipsoft's Tibia values.
03 June 2023 (09:22)
Demodras and Malboro have been nerfed.
03 June 2023 (09:09)
After today's save a single Malboro will spawn at the Haunted House vexclaw respawn and the Shezesarade's Tomb feral sphinix respawn.
02 June 2023 (05:08)
After today's save two new wailing widow respawns will be available at the old mine.
02 June 2023 (05:07)
Housing cost increased by 10 times. (2000 gold per SQM) You may now purchase houses since level 8.
02 June 2023 (02:44)
New Jonsion trader NPC at the bandits hideout under the village.
02 June 2023 (02:44)
New devil trader NPC at the Dark Dungeons, just before boss room. He will sell supplies to you for double price.
01 June 2023 (10:17)
After today's save every summon God Boss loot has been adjusted with 50% rate of 10000 gold drop. They also have been adjusted to level 100 battle gameplay. They will no longer drop items of level 150 or higher.
29 May 2023 (21:02)
Farm animals price has been adjusted.
29 May 2023 (20:47)
Seeds for farming are now half price.
29 May 2023 (09:22)
After today's save Budrik will buy crystal splinters, crystal fragments and crystal shards. You will be also able to obtain one of these by breaking a shiny stone with your pick.
29 May 2023 (05:33)
You may now sell your harvests, whool and milk to Bonnie NPC.
29 May 2023 (02:50)
Knightmare and Sword Familiar now casts challenge 100% every 6 seconds.
29 May 2023 (02:50)
Bug with bonnie price of seeds fixed.
27 May 2023 (00:28)
Some low level respawns have been improved.
26 May 2023 (20:24)
Rage Spell Icon in our client now displays properly.
25 May 2023 (04:44)
The privileges granted to the Dokin player during the streams will be withdrawn on Monday.
25 May 2023 (00:03)
After today's save you will be able to summon your Summon NPCs even if you have a battle summon with you.
22 May 2023 (22:08)
Bamboo Houses ladders have been fixed.
22 May 2023 (21:25)
NPC Paulie now sells gold pouch for 60 gold at the academy bank.
22 May 2023 (20:35)
Ape Fur drop has been buffed. Now is easier to craft stamina regeneration food.
22 May 2023 (06:32)
Cave Draptor has been nerfed and now yield more experience points.
21 May 2023 (10:34)
Sword Familiar now checks for enough capacity before returning to your inventory to avoid spwaning in floor.
21 May 2023 (00:32)
NPC Ocelus now buys all of your loot but... for cheaper price. So If u want full profit wait for the days rashid and django visit the village. Else you can travel to Dark World and sell items to tripida NPC for full price.
20 May 2023 (02:08)
Hailstorm and Pyrotechnics runes now deal more damage.
18 May 2023 (00:57)
Soul contract sprite has been changed.
18 May 2023 (00:57)
After today's save: Hunting Tasks have been revamped. Giant bug has been repaced with Brimstone Bug. Some undead dragons have been added to the ghastly dragon respawn. Portable hole bug fixed.
16 May 2023 (10:07)
After today's server save the familiar sword spells will requiere mana to be casted and some of their cooldowns will be reduced.
16 May 2023 (09:15)
After today's save: map bugs at cyclops respawn fixed, map bug at stonerefiner fixed, Abandonated Castle House hangable walls fixed, paco's bow fixed, stats in amulet of god fixed, badger boots level requirement fixed.
14 May 2023 (23:18)
NPCs bug in capacity has been fixed. Saw will no longer let you stack infinite wood if you don't have enough capacity.
14 May 2023 (11:03)
Emblem icons have been removed from summons.
14 May 2023 (10:54)
Anniversary Outfits and Mounts are now available in our shop.
14 May 2023 (10:54)
Free PVP blessing below level 25 has been removed. You will have to buy it again if you die by a PVP attack. However you keep your first PVP blessing when your character is created until you die in a PVP battle.
14 May 2023 (07:27)
After today's save Fat Porker will last only 30 minutes and Familiar Cards will be hidden in Vengoh Castle again.
14 May 2023 (07:26)
Fixed a loop code in mount sounds script that may be causing lag to the server.
12 May 2023 (09:24)
You may do copper shield quest with scythe insthead of machete as in Cipsoft's Tibia.
10 May 2023 (09:02)
It's no longer possible to enter Dark World Storyline dungeons without the Dark Blessing.
10 May 2023 (09:02)
NPC Carlos and NPC Paco give you more information about Outfit Detail PVP rule at the tutorial. Paco gives more detailed information about server and PVP skulls config at the tutorial.
10 May 2023 (09:01)
After today's save more houses will be back to our game server.
07 May 2023 (22:44)
Now you have to learn from Diana the magic spell to teleport directly to the Dark World. Requieriments: Have all Summons at level 1 or above, 300,000 gold.
07 May 2023 (07:05)
There's no way for us to know if you are botting for leaving a key pressed with an object. If you behave like bot you will be banned. We are againts any kind of AFK/Automatic play. Stay at screen in those cases to answer our Assistant if requiered.
07 May 2023 (06:57)
New dish at shop. Carnita Asada. It makes you full for one hour. It is also crafteable with Don Peppone NPC.
06 May 2023 (06:29)
Reward shirne will show time left to claim reward from now on.
06 May 2023 (06:29)
Now you will get skull if you damage a player's summon! Watch out! Players in same party won't get skull by attacking their summons.
05 May 2023 (01:08)
Nando NPC now trade items for Tibia Coins. He will spawn at the depth of the Dark Dungeons depending the day of the week.
03 May 2023 (11:18)
Dark Diana now has 14% chance to summon any of her inner schizophrenic incarnations from the Dark World: Fanged Vagina, Trauma, Fears, Quetzaly, Aneurysm, Spy Eye, Personalities and Giant Louse. Also Evil Thoughts. Watch out!
01 May 2023 (08:26)
If you are interested of all the re-balance changes please, check our discord changelog.
30 April 2023 (05:34)
Server has been rebalanced with Cipsoft's Tibia values base from 2007. All custom items have been nerfed and restricted to respect current tibia stats from 2023. Server Reset: Level 8, no money, no skills, no blessings.
30 April 2023 (05:34)
Current PVP Settings: Lvl 8 Red Skull 3 days Black Skull 7 days
30 April 2023 (05:32)
The rules have been updated.
24 April 2023 (09:09)
It's no longer necessary to complete any quest or task to trade with Arwen.
15 April 2023 (10:21)
The Second Main Dungeon of the Dark World has been introduced along with new changes. Please read our discord's changelog.
02 April 2023 (07:47)
A serious bug to stack plants in farming will be fixed after today's save.
02 April 2023 (07:47)
Ghost Backpack slots will be fixed after today's save.
26 March 2023 (08:15)
Overpower magic spell cooldown has been fixed.
19 March 2023 (07:06)
After today's save NPC Bonnie animals will no longer be accesible. It will be an exclusive quest of donator houses. Farms will be introduced to donator houses if they purchased the service.
16 March 2023 (02:51)
Please re-download our clients to connect to our new servergame.
15 March 2023 (06:15) is online! We have a new server with better perfomance. Our server bills have increased. If you like the project please support us by using our game shop.
15 March 2023 (06:15)
Overpower now lasts only one minite, has a cooldown of 2 minutes.
13 March 2023 (05:57)
IMPORTANT: I just talked to the VPS service team and we will move to our new server within half an hour. I've made a backup of this point of our server. There will be some minutes of downtime while I config our new server. Thank You!
06 March 2023 (08:31)
The boat at the master fisherman island will work after today's save. It will send you to Quetzlan.
06 March 2023 (08:31)
Master Fisherman island door is now level 250. Players who already went to the island may enter without spending another leviathan amulet. Once you enter the amulet will be removed, but you will be able to enter as many times as you want.
06 March 2023 (08:31)
Dark World dried pool small bug fixed.
02 March 2023 (05:13)
After today's save a new zone will be impleted in dark world: Dark Mintwallin, it has high class minotaurs and other strong foes.
02 March 2023 (05:12)
After today's save werewolf amulet issues will be fixed.
23 February 2023 (01:20)
After today's save The Sword Familiar and the rest of the God Summons won't display (Level X) in their name only description. Gods still will be distinguished by the blue shield.
23 February 2023 (00:43)
New PVPMode Command conditions: You will have 7 days cooldown to switch between PVP or nonPVP mode. You may not switch PVP mode if you have skull, pzLock or battle mode.
22 February 2023 (04:04)
New Dark World NPC Belfegor at village. It will trade your soul set pieces for dark matter. It costs 1000000 gold to exchange. Abaddon only accepts dark matters for soul set pieces from now on.
22 February 2023 (03:04)
New server mode: Use !pvpmode command to switch between pvp or non-pvp mode to play. PVP Protection level is now until level 8.
22 February 2023 (00:58)
King Tibianus rewards have been re-adjusted.
17 February 2023 (18:59)
Auto database cleaner is now active. Inactive players and accounts will be deleted after a certain time depending on their level.
14 February 2023 (04:03)
Saying the word: mayikoolokak will automatically teleport you to Dark World if you have schizophrenia status, even if you don't have a magic mirror so watch out!
14 February 2023 (04:02)
A hint will appear at Titan sleeping place when you already got your chance of fighting him.
14 February 2023 (04:02)
After today's save the Queen of the Hurt will be a one hand weapon. The hellspawn spot at the Corrupted Dawnport Island has now many hellspawns and more Plaguesmiths.
10 February 2023 (09:57)
Our server assistant has been re-activated. It will ban you only in abusive cases of cave botting/bug abuses/inapropiate behaivor.
10 February 2023 (09:55)
All hunting tasks gives 1 shop point again when completed. Bosses now has more chance to drop 1-3 Tibia Coins.
09 February 2023 (07:34)
Bad Thought is now vulnerable to physical damage and his attack has been reduced drasticaly.
09 February 2023 (04:59)
After today's save double exp scroll and ferumbras scroll will last time in your character even if you die or log out. Ferumbras scroll now costs 10 tibia coins at ferumbras npc.
08 February 2023 (07:02)
Because our new facebook add targets non-tibia players aswell. I removed the bot version of clients in the game. Botting is permited in a reasonable way, but I will no longer support/encourage it's usage.
07 February 2023 (00:29)
House storage has been changed from binary to tilebased due small bugs and because no significant speed was gained at global save. House items have been sent back to your depots.
06 February 2023 (01:13)
Vascalir troll hair mission now asks for only 3 bunch of troll hair, which have been added as daily respawn at the trolls behind library vault and premium side trolls spot.
06 February 2023 (01:12)
After today's save Vascalir Quest Missions will give you the necesary exp to reach level 8 without hunt when completing the quest. You should be able to pick your vocation right after the final mission.
06 February 2023 (00:48)
After today's save we will introduce dragonling and sacred dragon in a new respawn south of Dark World village. Bahamut now drops decorative ribbon. Ocelus will no longer heal himself after today's save.
03 February 2023 (02:44)
Website has been updated with a new Layout.
30 January 2023 (09:37)
Tar Marauder has been buffed.
30 January 2023 (09:37)
Orasedom is now an elden wyrm area and has been expanded, ornamented shield quest has been moved to isle of the miners. Several level doors have been added in some places to prevent low lever players miss content.
30 January 2023 (09:35)
Captain Dreadnought now ask for level depending of the zone you want to go.
28 January 2023 (07:14)
New secrets have been added to game.
28 January 2023 (07:14)
Knightmare NPC will spawn rarely at the Annihilator Reward Room to teach you a new magic spell "Renzokuken" only available if you weild a Knightmare Sword or a Sword Familiar level 3+
28 January 2023 (07:13)
Knightmare Boss Summon will have a new spell "Zantetsuken" that it will insta-kill you if the battle lasts for more of 5 minutes.
28 January 2023 (07:13)
New begginer spells pyrotechnics and hailstorm for level 8+ mages.
26 January 2023 (01:45)
Dark Matter drop percent has been increased.
26 January 2023 (01:45)
Venogth Castle has more weak mobs, making it a better hunts place for level 90+
26 January 2023 (01:45)
Red Skull Door huntspot is now more suitable for solo hunt.
23 January 2023 (08:22)
Void Trolls and Orgers have been boosted to suit as level 90 area. A shortcut has been added north of Dark World village to Orgers' lair.
23 January 2023 (04:59)
After today's save shared experience will recive a boost when hunting in party. This is yet experimental. I'll be modifing this new feature this week. Thank You for the patience!
23 January 2023 (04:59)
Arthei Boss room bug fixed.
23 January 2023 (04:58)
Boss Portals will dissapear after 60 seconds insthead of 30 seconds, can't add more time because other team could go in right away and just enter teleport.
23 January 2023 (04:58)
Lava tiles bug has been fixed. Dead bodies will no longer sink. Now it works like in real Tibia. Items lost by player Fonkyo have been sent back to his depot.
23 January 2023 (04:57)
Added protection in boat-tp zones.
23 January 2023 (04:57)
New sprites for spells in our game clients. Special Thanks to player Cocada Boa for his valuable help.
16 January 2023 (04:27)
You may now start farm quest at level 30.
16 January 2023 (04:27)
Due storage bug after today's save haunted house will need to be re-completed as at least one time again with redskull by all characters once again.
16 January 2023 (04:27)
Massive Fire Elemental now has real tibia stats. Wyrm spell attack chance has been reduced a little. Hydra spell attack chance has been increased a little.
14 January 2023 (08:36)
Lots of important changes were made to game today, please go read to our discord server. Thank You!
08 January 2023 (01:40)
Thais now has more Frog Soldiers.
08 January 2023 (01:19)
Dark Blessing now costs only 10,000 gold. Jesus Christ NPC will remove it for free after today's save.
08 January 2023 (00:50)
New Infernal Demon and Turbulent Elemental respawn. Only accesible if you have a red or black skull mark.
06 January 2023 (06:21)
Some minor map bugs have been fixed.
06 January 2023 (06:21)
Elder Wyrm speed has been fixed.
06 January 2023 (06:21)
Tasks and Boss Tasks will now have only 20 hours cooldown.
06 January 2023 (06:21)
Kickout Time in Arthei boss room has been fixed.
06 January 2023 (06:21)
Because botting is now allowed indiscriminately, using a buster bow/crossbow, paco's bow, and infinite rune will now requiere 5 soul points per use.
05 January 2023 (07:45)
Ramp map bug at the new dragon lord respawn has been fixed.
05 January 2023 (07:45)
Prostitues and Frog Soldiers recived another adjustment in their healing speed rates. They are now easier to kill.
05 January 2023 (07:44)
The aumont of necesary kills to complete a hunting task has been drasticaly reduced.
04 January 2023 (09:07)
Wyrm elemental attack chance has been slightly increased. The isle of the miners now has more wyrms.
04 January 2023 (09:06)
Elder Wyrms have been introduced to Orasedom island.
04 January 2023 (07:49)
A Bandersnatch will respawn every server save at the tunnel terror quest.
04 January 2023 (07:27)
The useless slime and tar blob respawn at the western old mine is now an huge defiler respawn. It now connects with undergorund garden.
04 January 2023 (07:18)
Western Elevator Terramite respawn at the old mine now has lots of drillworms and terramites.
04 January 2023 (07:02)
Tin Lizzard Blueprints are no longer a daily respawn. Ask for Dorren for digging and try luck to obtain one.
04 January 2023 (07:01)
Fleas now drop demonic essences.
04 January 2023 (07:01)
Rattling Bonebeasts have been removed from game. We have only regular Bonebeasts insthead and respawns are revamped.
03 January 2023 (04:13)
After today's save: New drillworm respawn at the old mine. Iehtra's dormitory is now a lava lurker respawn.
30 December 2022 (23:00)
Thais will have soldiers and monsters at the sewers after today's save. A few Many Faces monsters have been added to Thais Underground.
30 December 2022 (12:28)
Frog Knights and Frog Paladins and Prostitutes have been re-adjusted for a better solo gameplay.
30 December 2022 (09:15)
Teleport now is usable from your inventory again. It will last only 30 seconds in the floor but there is no way to loose it now.
30 December 2022 (09:14)
Diana's Heart now has a shortcut, but it's still hard to reach the exit. Other teleports will be added there in the future to teleport you to new respawns in the future.
30 December 2022 (09:12)
Prostitutes now drop gold ingots. New Boss Astronis will rarely spawn as NPC in Annihilator Quest.
30 December 2022 (09:11)
Cassino will charge you a small fee everytime you enter. Tripida NPC now buys all average loot. New Dragon Lord Spot at Dragon Cave in Old Mine. New Black Demon and Dark Matter spot in Dark World.
29 December 2022 (21:25)
Portable Hole return to usage from backpack after today's save.
29 December 2022 (21:25)
NPC Neill can enchance more weapon stats if you rescue him.
29 December 2022 (00:36)
Prostitutes now don't heal very often, they rarely will heal. You need to ask for mission to the king if you want to travel to Thais from now on.
28 December 2022 (05:57)
Call Summon Spell now works in Protection Zone, except near depot SQM areas. This is to avoid getting trapped in places such Diana's brain at Dark World entrace.
27 December 2022 (23:55)
Haunted House now has more vexclaws, lava lurkers, giant spiders and dragon lords, among with the exp boost of the Poltergeist and Blood Skeleton it is now a great huge hunting respawn. A teleport has been set there so you can go back to refill.
27 December 2022 (23:39)
Poltergeist now will give 15,000 exp points. Blood Skeleton now gives 8000 exp points but his HP increased to 10000 points.
27 December 2022 (23:35)
After today's save you will need 100 gold nuggets to upgrade the Familiar Sword to level 2. Final Guards and Alexander will drop gold nuggets more often from now on.
26 December 2022 (23:18)
If your phone is too old and can't install client. You can try using this older 2.5.7 version with bot from our site. Special Thanks to Sanguine for the Bot Module.
26 December 2022 (02:18)
Malboro has been buffed a little due new task with shop points reward in the incoming Thais City Update.
25 December 2022 (23:52)
After today's save Yalahari Figurine will have special boost for non vocation players. (Arrow Slot) Holy Judgment will have holy damage condition ticks. Light Healing will be a non vocation spell.
23 December 2022 (01:14)
Portable Hole and Magic Mirror are usable only outside of inventory from now on. You have to step on it after use in order to recover it.
20 December 2022 (08:20)
Potions no longer leave vials when used.
20 December 2022 (01:40)
Massive Trashing sqm tiles is now penalized with deletion.
16 December 2022 (07:53)
Messenger of Santa now has 0.5% chance of giving bunny slippers insthead of 2%. You can use Machete to cut Wild Growth again.
13 December 2022 (04:57)
Prostitutes now can be damaged with fire.
13 December 2022 (04:41)
Guild House Depot Tiles have been removed due serialitation error that may be leading to server crash in global saves. You can use depot normaly in your GHs. Just remember to NOT LEAVE ITEMS ON TOP OF DEPOT.
13 December 2022 (04:35)
Stair Hop Delay and Move Player/Creature Delay changed from 2 seconds to 1 second after today's server save.
13 December 2022 (04:34)
House storage changed from tilebased to binary. If server saves faster we will add more houses to the game.
13 December 2022 (04:33)
Cipfried now ask for 100 insthead of 50 sugar oats to craft the holy servant trainer. Douglas now ask for 20 iron ore insthead of 10 to craft a trainer and he will no longer ask for hammer and saw.
11 December 2022 (09:11)
After today's save you won't be able to use portable hole, magic mirror, demodras, innocent devil, malicious devil or lucifer while having a skull mark or PVP PZ lock status.
10 December 2022 (07:27)
New Item at Shop: Token of God's Love. It boosts all your skills by 50 points. Thank You for supporting our project!
10 December 2022 (07:27)
Wild Growth rune has been fixed. Banishments have been lifted and investigation has ended.
08 December 2022 (21:24)
Wild Growth rune had a bug that has been abused to freeze players in PVP causing an infinite loop in server math. I disabled the rune while I fix it and I banned the player who abused while I investigate the case.
05 December 2022 (04:20)
New legendary Tibia Player boss Eternal Oblivion, he will be located near the center of Diana's Heart after today's server save.
05 December 2022 (04:17)
Christmas Event starts after today's save.
02 December 2022 (04:07)
Water Wave now deals more damage and looks like a wave beam of water when casted.
02 December 2022 (04:07)
Super Nova has energy sprites now. No damage multipler has been edited.
01 December 2022 (08:52)
You may sell your ridgewood farm goods to Rosemarie, Tom and Palomino NPCs from now on.
01 December 2022 (06:55)
50% Discount and Cheap Outfits Promo has ended. Thank You very much for your support!
29 November 2022 (03:42)
After today's save a new shortcut to Dark World has been added in the mountain top.
29 November 2022 (03:41)
Massive Slime Fungus has been nerfed, Kraknaknork Boss and his summon demon have been boosted.
27 November 2022 (10:38)
Seymour now gives a Quiver when choosing paladin vocation.
27 November 2022 (10:30)
Using any container with water will now put out flames. (Fire fields and burning walls)
27 November 2022 (08:06)
Milk Churn has been fixed, you may milk cows properly now. Farming Veldt Flowers will requiere 5 minutes to grow the plant. It will requiere more waste to feed Cateroide Pig and kill him.
27 November 2022 (08:06)
Magic Wall will last for 24 seconds, Rush Wood will last for 60 seconds. They will always be the blocked PVP version from now on. It doesn't matter if you have or not a skull mark. Machete now can destroy any kind of Rush Wood.
25 November 2022 (10:06)
New content updates have been added to the game. Please read our discord changelog for more information.
23 November 2022 (04:55)
After today's save Portable Hole and Magic Mirror escape teleports will last only 10 seconds after their creation and will have 5 minutes cooldown.
23 November 2022 (03:17)
After today's save Summon Trader NPCs won't trade with you if you are wearing a skull mark. The redemption skull will only remove frags and skull ONLY if you are inside of a protection zone.
21 November 2022 (07:39)
To avoid abuse of skull removal item usage. Redemption skull now costs 50 points. Players can make proporsals about the removal/price modification of this item.
21 November 2022 (04:42)
A game hall room has been added to the Cassino del Diablo. Reward Shrine no longer low level runes.
13 November 2022 (04:39)
All the Summon Boss Battles in Light World have been finished. Thank You for the support guys!
13 November 2022 (04:39)
Two Weeks Left with 50% Discount in our Shop. If you are planning to donate this is a good month to do so. Remember Outftis are cheap due november promotion!
13 November 2022 (01:40)
Wyda and Lily now buys every kind of empty potion flask.
07 November 2022 (00:01)
Players will heal mana and healh points when advancing a level after today's server save.
06 November 2022 (23:58)
The Casino Prostitutes will have more speed after today's server save.
06 November 2022 (09:00)
To enfasis our Halloween Event this month we will celebrate a House Decoration Event. The theme is horror. The top 3 decorations will receive a honorific mention and a small reward. The winners will be announced in Nov 19th.
03 November 2022 (22:17)
We have a new Discord Link:
30 October 2022 (23:49)
New Monster: Fishbone. It may appear while fishing at the Dark World pond.
30 October 2022 (23:04)
Demodras flying locations have been updated. It also now can fly to the Isle of the Kings.
30 October 2022 (23:04)
You may now check all of the available locations from light world and dark world at our new maps section at the website. I will continue adding maps as the game grows with new places. The maps do not contain underground or upper floor details.
29 October 2022 (10:25)
As November special promotion all points are 50% off! Also Outfits and Mounts are only $140(MXN). Thank You for your support. It means a lot to me.
29 October 2022 (07:30)
Vampire Lords now drops from 1 to 3 Vampire Lord Tokens per kill with 50% chance. Arthei Vampire Lord may drop 10 Vampire Lord Tokens with 50% chance.
29 October 2022 (07:03)
Iehtra Boss Summons have been boosted a little bit and now they are inmune to fire and ice.
28 October 2022 (20:55)
Diana's Brain now gives you God Summon Hunting task. It requieres 10 kills of any God Summon. Reward: Scroll of Wisdom (Double Exp) and 1 Tibia Coin (Shop Point)
28 October 2022 (20:55)
Changes after today save: God Summons now have an icon and Level on their names. Regular summons stays the same. Two New houses available for rent: Observatory and Paco's House.
22 October 2022 (02:33)
PvP protection is now below level 100. Hunter now has Cipsoft's Tibia loot rates.
17 October 2022 (08:37)
Douglas now casts bosses for you until level 20 for 100 gold coins.
17 October 2022 (07:36)
Due bot abuse and devaluation of shop points. You may now only earn shop points by completing dificult Dark World tasks from now on.
17 October 2022 (07:21)
Minor Bugs at some House Walls fixed. Lucifer now buys Zaoan and Draken Sets.
11 October 2022 (00:12)
Shop Summon NPCs and Arwen NPC now sells burst arrows.
01 October 2022 (04:23)
Our rules have been updated. Please take a look at them.
01 October 2022 (04:23)
Special October Promotion! Purchase any buster weapon by half point price! Same with Sword Familiar Lvl 4 and God's Garb.
01 October 2022 (04:22)
Red Skull now lasts 3 days. Black Skull now lasts 7 days.
26 September 2022 (02:14)
New Abaddon smith NPC in Dark World. His function is to trade dark matter for items. He will be updated with crafts and more content soon.
26 September 2022 (02:14)
New gambling surprise present boxes at the shop. Please support the server!
24 September 2022 (05:19)
You may now take a monster challenge for level 1-7 in the training centre. You can also donate wood to Douglas NPC to try luck for a trainer event in server.
22 September 2022 (08:03)
After today's save only the following mounts can walk in lava: Fire-related Mount Types Flying Mount Types You will be dismounted if you try to use another kind of mount while walking in lava.
01 September 2022 (03:54)
As special september offer price you may purchase any regular summon item for only 10 points.
01 September 2022 (01:25)
Light helmet of the deep has been removed from game, it has been replaced with the crest of the deep seas. Those who own a light helmet will have a rarity relic of the server old days.
01 September 2022 (01:25)
Containers and tools were added in shop by a player petition. Alchemist Oil (Infinite gold converter) will be fixed after today's server save.
29 August 2022 (06:41)
Reward Shrine has been introduced in depots it give lots of supplies and some money. Use it 7 days in a row or more to get one hour of double exp everyday and also double supplies and money reward.
27 August 2022 (05:07)
Quezacotl temple secret hunt no longer requieres quetzal flute to access. NPC now asks for 50 colourfur feathers. Other minor fixes to game have done today.
27 August 2022 (05:07)
Legendary Tibia player Tripida Boss Battle now available at the Dark World Cassino.
27 August 2022 (05:06)
Potions and Runes prices are now real Tibia prices. Blessings have real Tibia price from now on.
27 August 2022 (05:06)
Due bot introduction to game Hunting Tasks now give only 1 shop point (Light World) and 2 shop points (Dark World).
25 August 2022 (08:25)
New cassino in the Dark World. Updating content there soon.
25 August 2022 (08:24)
Trainers are back at the shop. Terramites and Rotworm invasions have been removed from old mine. Fixed bug with Orc Task at Tom NPC. Removed Ice Pick from Dorian while I add new sprite ID to our items.otb
31 July 2022 (19:45)
Our old Discord Server has been deleted. Database has been cleaned from inactive players. Server Updates continue tomorrow. Thank You for playing!
26 July 2022 (05:02)
Join our new Discord Server Here:
25 July 2022 (21:13)
Shop has been adjusted along with prices.
24 July 2022 (07:54)
Due problems with lastest Znote Acc Website, I had to put the old website on again. You may login to game and website from now on.
23 July 2022 (09:32)
Special Thanks to players Sanguine and Rudah also Discord user felipe23 for the help while building the new clients.
23 July 2022 (08:57)
Windows and Android clients have been updated, they now include bot, custom spell icons and new options to customise your game window. Client has been updated to the lastest OTClientV8 version. Enjoy!
22 July 2022 (03:52)
Game rules have been updated. Botting is now permited as long as doesn't affect other players (pvp/farming/afk cavebot/etc) Windows and Androiod client versions with bots will be available soon.
03 July 2022 (07:59)
I'm at university finals. Server Updates Continues in August 1st 2022.
30 June 2022 (02:00)
Website Market has been removed.
29 June 2022 (05:35)
God Summon Battles will recive updates during the course of the week. Keep in touch with Discord changelog. Thank you!
27 June 2022 (00:38)
After today save there will be 2 new NPCs: Igor at the Corrupted Dawnport and Petra a cave explorer at the stonerefiner elevator. They will buy creature products. NPC Robin will buy all your trophies for 5000 gold. NPC Tom now buys fox paws.
21 June 2022 (17:39)
Our second anniversary is today! If you are level 50 or higher go to the graveyard to claim your free retro outfit! I will be online tonight 8:00 p.m. (MX Time) to held an special event.
20 June 2022 (09:28)
Shop prices have been reduced by 50% due world inflation. This is with the intention to keep our shop atractive. Legendary items will keep their value in money. Thank You for your support!
20 June 2022 (08:13)
Game has been updated. Please read discord changelog.
06 June 2022 (08:03)
Fungar attack has been nerfed. Boss Malboro attack has been buffed.
06 June 2022 (08:02)
Stonecutter axe now actually break stones.
06 June 2022 (08:02)
World of Ruin Quest reward has been fixed.
06 June 2022 (08:01)
You must defeat Arthei and purify his corrupted pillar in order to complete Castlemania Quest from now on.
06 June 2022 (08:00)
Now you may access Vengoth Castle using Evoker Outfit without carrying blue dusts. Castlemania Quest does no longer has level requierement.
30 May 2022 (01:26)
After today's server save you may access a New hunt zone under Alexander Castle.
18 May 2022 (07:35)
Game updated with multiple changes, please read discord changelog.
13 May 2022 (07:08)
Global Save is yet again every 5 minutes. The is only one major Server Save at 3:00 a.m from now on. Houses update has been postponed.
05 May 2022 (10:11)
Safeguard magic spell has been fixed. Schizophrenia status has been fixed, if you own all God Summons your skills grows randomly by +3. If you take a headache pill it will cure ur schizophrenia status for 24 hours and give you +5 skills during that time.
05 May 2022 (05:38)
50% Off Discount in Shop! Check new prices at the following link: Special unique promotion Entrepreneur Outfits at shop until May 15 2020!
03 May 2022 (08:28)
Server Save is now every 12 hours. (RAM clean test).
25 April 2022 (04:57)
The first Dungeon of the Dark World has been finished. Go take the challenge if you are brave enough!
25 April 2022 (04:57)
After today's server save the reward contaier will change it's sprite to a new ID and the rewards from team bosses will be SENT TO YOUR DEPOT insthead of going to your backpack. The old sprite will be renamed to gold pouch.
18 April 2022 (22:59)
Game will recive fixes and updates during my vacations. For better details of the daily changes please read our changelog at discord.
18 April 2022 (19:37)
Special Thanks to Heavy Metal Gamer for the new Video of our Server!
09 April 2022 (19:38)
You may now get the two addons for Evoker Outfit with Iehtra NPC.
09 April 2022 (19:37)
Frost Dragon spawn of the northern islands will be accesible without the boots of waterwalking. Ferumbras now sells his items once you rescue him. Batcat, Venompaw and Flitterkatzen can now be tamed with corned fish.
05 April 2022 (17:49)
Character(s) Baruch, Sir Baruch and Capitan Leche have been DELETED from Rookgaard Tales for SECOND TIME for politics againts our services and breaking rule 2. c).
05 April 2022 (09:43)
Engine seems stable and crashes are finally fixed. Special Thanks to Gesior from for the support in my software doubts.
05 April 2022 (09:00)
Several game updates have been applied. Please read discord changelog.
03 April 2022 (23:01)
Our server engine has been updated to 64 bits version. It will allow us to use more RAM from CPU and avoid server crashes. However this is yet experimental and I don't know what might happen. A backup of this point has been created.
02 April 2022 (18:42)
Character Phoenix has been deleted from our database and removed from our memorial due Paypal Scam attempt.
01 April 2022 (05:23)
A new hunting spawn of fungars at the eastern part of Dark Rookgaard will be added to the Dark World after today's server save. New creature void troll at dark world caves.
01 April 2022 (05:22)
After today's server save animate dead rune will summon a skeleton or demon skeleton randomly after using in a corpse without consuming mana. However you will be limited to 2 summons only.
31 March 2022 (02:15)
New potion ID in NPCs is fixed. Stealth ring has been restored to game. Deleted Beach. Palomino now SELLS horses. It no longer rents them for 24 hours. Several bugs related to looktypes have been fixed. Player Karma Police has been unbaned.
30 March 2022 (21:50)
Character Karma Police banned due possible bug causing crash. In some hours I will investigate the case.
30 March 2022 (06:47)
New NPC potion seller Morock at Dark World Village. New NPC Durval and rare boss Legendary Tibia Player Tripida at Dark World.
30 March 2022 (06:46)
Dark World can now be accessed by lower level players by starting World of Ruin Quest.
30 March 2022 (06:45)
You may now get promotion with King Abay at Dark World for only 10000 gold. All acuatic mounts are now mountable underwater. New ultimate mana and spirit potion and supreme health potion have been introduced to the game.
30 March 2022 (06:44)
New Dark World daily boss Malboro at the swamp.
28 March 2022 (07:46)
Global Save now takes less than 1 second due the removal of several houses. If server crash it won't matter anymore. Our server save is now every 5 minutes. So if a rollback occurs you will loose only 5 minutes of gameplay.
25 March 2022 (05:32)
In today's event I restored most of the affected players with the database damage. Please do not ask or expect help, items, or anything related to me beside fixing bugs and work in content. I never give away stuff, this was a special event.
24 March 2022 (08:29)
Test Phase Ended. This is our new offical Rookgaard Tales Server. I hope we don't deal with more connection problems. Please re-download client from our download section.
10 March 2022 (06:25)
This sunday at 12:00 PM (MX Time) We will have a special event. We will discuss about the server path and create an advertising team for our game. Those who want to help will be rewarded with shop points!
03 March 2022 (07:57)
After today's server save every Cerberus's head will cast area damage.
03 March 2022 (07:56)
You may now call 2 summons to your position using Call Summon magic spell. Level 3+ God Summons from GAIA now walk on fields. All Gods from GAIA now have a chance to drop their taming item.
03 March 2022 (07:54)
Regeneration of Buster Bow and Buster Crossbow has been improved.
03 March 2022 (07:53)
Completing a hunting task now gives +3 shop points. Completing a boss hunting task now gives +6 shop points as reward. Shop Points drop rate in daily bosses from corrupted zones have been been buffed.
03 March 2022 (07:52)
The following game rule has been updated: b)Your account(s) and character(s) will be DELETED after a certain period of inactivity if they are below level 50. It doesn't matter if you used our shop services.
26 February 2022 (19:52)
Special Thanks to a player who wanted to remain anonymous for purchasing 8000 shop points. With a total cost of $ 40,000.00 MXN $ 1900.00 USD $ 10,200.00 BRL His contribution ensures more years of fun and a greater future in our beloved server game!!!
21 February 2022 (07:42)
You may now save all Vengoth Castle NPCs and complete their tasks. If a player completes their daily tasks (all server) may buy awesome items from Nikolai, like double experience scrolls, stamina regeneration soup and much more surprises!
16 February 2022 (06:16)
Client has been updated. Please re-download and install it. Else you may experience game crashes.
16 February 2022 (06:16)
Shop has been updated with the lastest Cipsoft's outfits and mounts!
16 February 2022 (03:45)
Special Thanks to player Ponteduro for purchasing the Familiar Sword level 4. With a total cost of $ 5,000.00 MXN $ 250.00 USD $ 1,200.00 BRL His contribution ensures more years of fun in our beloved server game!!!
14 February 2022 (21:32)
Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone!
10 February 2022 (05:18)
Special Thanks to player Kalel for purchasing the Buster Rod. With a total cost of $ 5,000.00 MXN $ 250.00 USD $ 1,200.00 BRL His contribution ensures more years of fun in our beloved server game!!!
10 February 2022 (05:18)
Special Thanks to player Lex for purchasing the Familiar Sword Level 4. With a total cost of $ 5,000.00 MXN $ 250.00 USD $ 1,200.00 BRL His contribution ensures more years of fun in our beloved server game!!!
09 February 2022 (06:39)
Game recived multiple changes today. Please read discord changelog.
02 February 2022 (07:39)
Now you can earn shop points by completing Hunting Tasks. Shop has been updated with lots of new items.
02 February 2022 (07:38)
Ghastly Dragon attack and defense has been nerfed. Also his attack speed has been slowered.
26 January 2022 (05:51)
New kidnapped Salbra NPC in Vengoth Castle. New sinister tome for level 30, ominous tome for level 60 and knowledgeable tome for level 150. Their damage scales with your magic level and all three books are both hands and physical damage.
24 January 2022 (08:37)
Strong mana potions can now be used by knights. Great mana potions can now be used by paladins. Fixed bug at coffin in the Vengoth Castle Prison for Evoker Outfit Quest. You may now obtain the outfit.
24 January 2022 (02:01)
Server has been moved to our new host server ( re-dowload client or simply change ip in init.lua at our game clients. You may play normally now. Our old server has been shutdown forever.
20 January 2022 (19:40)
Test server is open please go to: and test game there. If no massive lag reports are made. We will move there.
20 January 2022 (03:50)
Apologies for the downtime. My host has been checking the server due the recent lag reports. They went into admin account and closed our engine .exe. If lag continues I will cancel the service with them and buy another VPS in another company.
11 January 2022 (18:03)
New tradeable Rookgaard Tales Tibia Coin. You may now trade them for real money, items or use them to use our shop. I am creating quests and task with shop points as reward.
05 January 2022 (00:34)
Please, update your Android and Windows clients. Rustwurm, Gloomwurm and Bogwurm mounts have been added to our game. Special Thanks to HalfAway from for the help in the conversion of the sprites.
03 January 2022 (07:04)
After today's server save PVP will be enabled back again. For more details read discord's changelog.
28 December 2021 (03:09)
Next Sunday Jan 02 2022 at 15:00 Hours (Mex Time) we will have an special event! See you in game!
25 December 2021 (08:14)
SPECIAL CHRISTMAS PROMOTION - For a limited time only, Purchase any Lion Set piece for only 50 Points ($ 240 MXN, $66.06 BRL, $ 11.64 USD, $10.28 EUR) at our game shop. Valid Promotion until December 31 2021
24 December 2021 (04:55)
During December 24 until 31 A Messenger of Santa and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer will visit us! Be careful the Grynch and their Goblins will invade the village! Also our Shop will have a 20% off discount.
22 December 2021 (09:23)
I'm on finnaly in vacations and I will work everyday in server, check the daily massive changes at discord because they are too long to post here. Join Our Discord Server Here!
20 December 2021 (21:14)
During 24, 25 and 26 of December 2021 we will have 20% off discount in shop! Check the new offers at:
20 December 2021 (04:42)
Shop has been re-activated after an analysis with the main contributors of the project. Please support Rookgaard Tales for more years of fun!
19 December 2021 (05:53)
It is no longer required level 90 to start Castlemania Quest with Ietrah NPC at Corrupted Vengoth Castle in Dawnport.
17 December 2021 (21:02)
Summon NPCs have been modified due server crash. Now you may buy more kind of runes with npcs.
17 December 2021 (07:44)
After today's server save the portable hole will be able to used from your backpack, and it will no longer disappear from your backpack after use. There is no chance to loose it while flee in PVP battle or due bug anymore.
15 December 2021 (02:34)
Trainers Price has been adjusted due players feedback.
12 December 2021 (01:06)
Special Thanks to Player Lex for buying Dark World Master Outfit and Schizophrenia Mount (A total of $10,000.00 MXN). His contribution ensures more years of fun with Rookgaard Tales!
11 December 2021 (22:31)
Fixed a serious bug with Summon NPCs that was probably causing the crashes in server. Demodras will no longer disppear after travel with him, but after one minute when casting the spell.
11 December 2021 (07:06)
Bug with faerie card fixed. Some map bugs in Dark World were fixed. Lvl 30 door in old mine has been removed. Enario lvl 20 quest for cyclops now can be done at any level. Regular Pick now has only 1% break chance. The game rules have been updated.
11 December 2021 (07:06)
Today's changes: Douglas no longer asks for gearweels to repair elevator for stonerefiner spawn. Now you may recieve all the game hints even if you did not completed the tutorial.
11 December 2021 (04:43)
To give a warm welcome to the new players tomorrow we will held an special event, join us tomorrow at 12:00 p.m. Mexico time. Get ready for special gifts and surprises.
08 December 2021 (19:55)
Special Thanks to Dokin for streaming for us yesterday!
26 November 2021 (06:17)
Black Friday Special: 50% Off Discount in Shop!
25 November 2021 (20:46)
At today's Server Save shop will have 50% discount in points, only for 24 hours. Dark World Update is within 5 days. Thank You for your support.
23 November 2021 (10:25)
Please, save all your House/Guild Hall items in your depot. In december 1st along with dark world update a massive database clean will be performed (non active accounts deletion). Which is required to clean your houses and GHs to avoid item loss.
14 November 2021 (07:58)
From now on character trade/share is forbidden. This is due the negative impact in sharing characters with toxic/abusive players. Toxic/problematic players that divided the server have been deleted.
07 November 2021 (17:09)
Last night regular maintenance for our Hyper-V host server was performed between 22:00 PM 11/05/2021 and 5:00 AM 11/08/2021 CST (UTC-06:00). I didn't notice about this til today's morning, apologizes for the downtime, server is up and running again.
06 November 2021 (23:54)
New experience bonus system in party, up to 25% boost. Arthei Stage 2 Boss ATK has been reduced. Vengoth castle prison got revamped.
06 November 2021 (23:53)
Firaga, Blizzaga, Thundaga and Eartaga spells now have less miss hit chance, however their damage has been decreased.
30 October 2021 (07:56)
Apologies for the downtime. Server host had network issues, server is back up and running. Thank You for your patience.
30 October 2021 (07:01)
Halloween event coming in October 31! You will be able to obtain costume bags, toy items and Pumpkin Mummy Outfit! See you in game!
18 October 2021 (03:02)
You may now see loot messages without party. Shop has been updated with new items.
18 October 2021 (03:02)
The server has been updated today with the Castlemania Quest. Enjoy!
12 October 2021 (08:04)
Only during 26 November 2021 (Black Friday) Shop will have 50% off discount. Be ready for purchase your dream items!
08 October 2021 (06:30)
New spells for sorcerer, druis and no vocation characters of level 50 or higher: Safeguard - Protects Againts Deadly Hits (Sorcerer, Druids and No Vocation)
08 October 2021 (06:28)
New spells for sorcerer and druis for level 50: Firaga - Massive Fire Damage (Sorcerer) Blizzaga - Massive Ice Damage (Druid) Thundaga - Massive Energy Damage (Sorcerer) Eartaga - Massive Earth Damage (Druid)
07 October 2021 (06:01)
Server has been updated for correcting some coding bugs that may be the cause of the recent server crashes. However I am not sure if those were the reason of crashing the server. You may also see some progress at vengoth castle for the upcoming update.
03 October 2021 (22:57)
In order to make more profitable the demon hunts, grandfather tridian now buys demonic essence for 1000 gold. Gear crystal drop rate has been buffed.
03 October 2021 (05:44)
The Final Weapons of Rookgaard Tales have been added to our website shop. They cost 1000 points each. Those weapons will be obtainable in-game at the Dark World, however you can purchase them already if you wish to support and ensure the server future.
29 September 2021 (02:59)
Daily bosses now have double loot.
18 September 2021 (18:56)
With today's server save Diana loot has been buffed. Also she may give reward bag chance now for all members who participate in the battle. Diana stats have been buffed.
18 September 2021 (18:55)
The drop rate of white deer skin and antler has been buffed. Kusaregedo Boss loot has been buffed and now he drops soul contract.
13 September 2021 (10:09)
New Daily bosses: Giant Louse and Spy Eye. A sleeping Dragon cooldown has been reduced to 60 seconds. The special fishing treasures have been added to your questlog.
11 September 2021 (05:01)
Defiler loot has been buffed. Minor bugs fixed, new stonerefiner spawn at the easthern part of the old mine after today's save. Talk to NPC Douglas for complete the access quest first.
09 September 2021 (04:34)
Glooth weapons atk stats will be adjusted after today's server save.
06 September 2021 (03:10)
Ultimate Light can be purchased at Wyda for mages only. Vascalir now sells sorcerer and druid staff for players without vocation.
06 September 2021 (03:09)
Players without vocation may now buy: Find Person, Light, Great Light, Levitate, Magic Rope, Haste and Cure Poison magic spells. They also can learn Flamming Haste from Lilith.
05 September 2021 (03:41)
New Quest at the Knightmare Crypt, for level 90+ Special Thanks to player Dragon for the awesome mapping! Arwen now request a package of potions to access her shop.
02 September 2021 (10:17)
Several typical player OTServer Commands have been disabled from game in order to encourage players to use the website. Type !commands in game to check the available commands. You may now buy rename scroll or change gender rune for cheaper point cost.
02 September 2021 (08:00)
After today server save a new ancient sacarb respawn will be added in old mine. Talk to NPC Douglas for complete the access quest first.
30 August 2021 (02:43)
Rift bow and crossbow were removed due bugs. New boss Keylogger. New area at the island temple. New creatures Mechaniloids. New raids. Walker Mount is now obtainable in game. New shop item: Control Unit to tame Walker. New secrets added.
28 August 2021 (05:02)
New wand at shop! Queen of the Hurt! It deals high death damage and it also has high life and mana leech. This weapon is for sorcerers and druids and it does not has level restriction.
28 August 2021 (05:01)
New Spell for mages of level 50 or higher: Overpower. It raises magic level for ten minutes and decreases shielding.
26 August 2021 (05:44)
Holy Arrow has been adjusted for a suitable damage in pvp combat.
26 August 2021 (05:44)
Paco's sword will deal holy damage based in magic level, physical damage will depend of the sword skills. Eternal Breath and The End are for level 150 and they now have permanent life leech (Eternal Breath) and mana leech (The End).
24 August 2021 (17:36)
Summon timeout expanded to 1 hour, and cooldown has been reduced. Let me know how it feels the game. Enjoy! :)
24 August 2021 (09:45)
After today's server save Summons Timeout will be fixed as it is meant to be. (15 minutes) Also trainers timeout (3 hours). Convince Creature Rune has been removed from game to avoid steal trainers in events or tame wild raid summons.
22 August 2021 (08:26)
Elven mail and legs now are vocationless. Crafts are much easier to make. Fishing with mechanical rod has been improved. NPC system (Jiddo) has been remaked by me and corrected some bugs.
22 August 2021 (00:24)
Mechanical Fishing Rod has been improved.
21 August 2021 (10:54)
New items at shop! Bone Fiddle, Starlight Via, Sun Catcher, Ancient Rune and Security Blanket. Enjoy!
20 August 2021 (07:36)
Glacier Side House walls will be fixed after server save. Quivers doesn't work like in real Tibia, they work as backpacks for paladin but after server save they will give skills. You already can get a quiver by doing Al Dee's daily task.
19 August 2021 (10:07)
Is no longer posible to lure the crazy girl transformed to the village. A very cool compensation pack of items and money has been sent to Hazagall, Denix Affok, Ramses and Peste Epidemia who died today, Apologies for introduce such mechanics in game.
18 August 2021 (10:26)
New Boss at the Knightmare Crypt. New Secret Boss - No clues sorry. Bone Dragon is weakear to physical. New Grim Reaper Spawn. New Annihilator Quest for level 100+ at the Knightmare Crypt.
14 August 2021 (21:46)
NPC Don Peppone now crafts easier sopa de macaco. You may now loot with 3 and 4% chance ape fur from monkeys and gorrillas. Sopa de macaco recipe now requieres only ape fur and banana. Uma delicia!
13 August 2021 (06:41)
New spell: Withdraw Summon. You can learn with Hyacinth for 3000 gold coins. It's for players of level 25 or higher. This special magic spell will also return some soul points when you withdraw your summon.
13 August 2021 (06:16)
You may no longer damage players with field runes, only creatures. Due possible trap in depots, reditus spell is no longer usable within pz.
13 August 2021 (05:19)
Portable Hole and Demodras Spell after fighing bosses has been fixed. A sleeping Dragon NPC bug that allowed players to fight brain boss has been fixed.
13 August 2021 (02:13)
Cipfried now will give you blessings if u say bless/yes blessings/yes. Wyda now trades all of your dusts in one single interaction. However the cost raised, exchange your dusts when u are done collecting.
12 August 2021 (10:42)
NPC Cripfried now gives you all the five blessings of Tibia with the cost depending on your level. The price of blessing charms and amulet of loss rised as they are no longer needed. Library Ticket has been added in shop.
12 August 2021 (07:29)
Now you can craft 100 arrows using an enchanted gems. Portable Hole bugs fixed. Daily bosses have been nerfed in potion drop aumont.
12 August 2021 (07:28)
New daily boss Fears at the Demon Gate from the frozen area. New team boss and area with reward system at Quezacotl thorne. New boss Tantarian at the cults' library.
04 August 2021 (08:47)
Several important changes have been made. Please read the list at discord changelog.
03 August 2021 (10:41)
Headache pill no longer spawns at secret laboratory. The Frog Prince NPC Quest now can be repeated every 24 hours.
03 August 2021 (07:21)
After today's server save the frog prince will requiere level 50+ to start his quest. Also you may repeat the quest every 24 hours and get a chance to get dragon crystal again. No longer needed to farm with new characters.
01 August 2021 (07:34)
Bandits have been re-organized at the sewers. A bug with summon spell has been fixed (Thanks to Leche con Pan for discovering it)
01 August 2021 (07:34)
New daily boss: Aneurysm at the Underground Garden, talk to a sleeping dragon to get the boss task. A sleeping dragon now has 15 minutes cooldown when talking and rejects u, also the chance to talk to him is much higher.
30 July 2021 (22:14)
Market has been disabled from game to prevent a serious bug. Daily Bosses from Demon Gates now requieres only 3 demon dusts per access. Atrad now trades with you if you wear assassin outfit.
28 July 2021 (08:48)
90+ Pyramid Tomb and Quezacotl Temple zones have been revamped. NPC typos fixes. Field runes have buffed damage againts monsters only, now they are more useful. Eternal Flames and other raid items were deleted from server because of serious bug.
28 July 2021 (08:47)
New Daily Boss Trauma. New cults expanded zone (Special Thanks to Dragon for the map) Bahamut and Alexander summons were buffed a little bit. Diablos will now spawn and challenge u to a battle while doing firebrand quest.
21 July 2021 (09:32)
Paladin Overpower Damage with Holy arrow and Infernal bolt was nerfed in a reasonable way. Sea Serpent hunt loot was nerfed a little.
21 July 2021 (09:31)
New Zone at the Quezacolt temple, a quetzal flute is needed to unlock the new zone (Special Thanks to player Astronis for the Mapping) New Hunting task with Neza after completing the access to the new zone.
21 July 2021 (09:31)
New boss Quetzaly at the Quezacotl Temple, ask Temoc about boss/task Wyda now turns demon and vampire dusts into special powders to fight bosses.
21 July 2021 (09:31)
Level and Vocation limits in weapons and ammo has been set. Now you can enchant arrows using enchanted gems, you can turn every arrow into 30 enchanted arrows depending on the element.
15 July 2021 (05:12)
Trainers now costs more money to craft and they will last only 3 hours. Daily boss script bugs fixed.
11 July 2021 (09:08)
Paladin got a final adjustment. New NPC Sibuna at the buried tomb with a new daily boss task. Trainers are much easier to craft. Cipfried also now crafts new trainers too. Golden Amulet was removed from Servant Sentry task and from players.
04 July 2021 (05:27)
Vocations have been re-balanced and all of the new weapons and armors have been programed to use in game.
14 June 2021 (11:07)
Shop has been updated. Please support the server. Thank You!
12 June 2021 (21:04)
Mintwallin boat bug will be fixed after server save.
08 June 2021 (07:38)
Website shop sprites for items and mounts have been updated, they display correctly now.
06 June 2021 (04:34)
Market System has been introduced in website. Only for players above level 50.
04 June 2021 (08:05)
An special event will be held in server to celebrate 1 year of Rookgaard Tales. We will have an special guest from Cipsoft in the server.
04 June 2021 (08:03)
Game has been partialy updated. Please, read discord changelog and re-download clients to see the new effects correctly.
03 June 2021 (03:42)
Summons may no longer be used in PVP combat if you are the agresor.
01 June 2021 (07:23)
There are now 3 types of Cyber Elves.
01 June 2021 (05:00)
Some creatures have updated looktypes. Hyacinth now sells ultimate healing for sorcerers and druids. You will be able to remove rust from staffs. You may now buy all outfits and mounts from shop.
29 May 2021 (07:32)
Bot is no longer tolerated. If you get caught botting you will be insta banned. You only can unlock back your banned account for $ 1,000.00 MXN.
27 May 2021 (04:06)
After today's server save Headache Pill will give permanent power to those who has schizophrenia (Effect lasts 24 hours). Stats were nerfed without pill. Runes have been updated. They are agresive now only if u wear a skull mark.
24 May 2021 (16:07)
Game recived a partial update, pelase read discord changelog.
21 May 2021 (10:49)
Paladin and Knights weapons and ammo have been re-adjusted. Damage is more accurate now. Any issue let me know in order to fix game. I will full check mages tomorrow.
21 May 2021 (08:17)
I might not advance in update this weekend. I will fully balance the vocations before of updating the game in order to avoid more broken hunts.
21 May 2021 (07:55)
It will take me forever to update every new sprite into our client. So I will focus in finishing the game first and then update sprites. I will pay someone to do it for me because I don't really have time to export and import more than 10000 sprites.
21 May 2021 (02:25)
Druids have new heal friend spell for level 8. It is called "Helping Hand" check your spellbook.
20 May 2021 (08:27)
Shop has been updated. Enjoy the new items!
20 May 2021 (08:26)
Houses now clear after 30 inactivity days. Portable hole Quest is now for level 50. Quest will be expanded. War Gnarlhound has been nerfed. Woblin NPC now sells small stones for 10 gps. It's now easier to craft trainer with Douglas NPC.
13 May 2021 (04:05)
Special Thanks to Alpha from for helping me fix the IPN conditions for Cloudflare SSL.
10 May 2021 (06:27)
Game recived a partial update, please read discord's changelog.
09 May 2021 (07:35)
Snowball creation from snowfields now has cooldown.
08 May 2021 (01:42)
Blessed sceptre craft fixed from Uzgod NPC. Schizophrenia minor bug corrected. Minor map corrections will be applied on next map update. Garamond NPC now sells Wild Growth rune magic spell properly.
06 May 2021 (05:19)
Fish tail now boosts speed only while diving. Increased their duration up to 3 hours. Blessed sceptre now deals holy damage. Requieres blessed wooden stake for crafting now.
05 May 2021 (03:48)
Trevor NPC buged message Fixed. Arwen now sells intense healing rune, soul steal and healing rune. Fixed Olaf task. NPCs respond to capital words now.
01 May 2021 (14:44)
Game recived a partial update. Please read Offical Facebook page news.
23 April 2021 (04:50)
Now Chakoyas, Ice Golems and Crystal Spiders drops more Shards. They also will weigh less after server save.
19 April 2021 (09:56)
Boots of Waterwalking duration has been extended. Change will apply after today's server save.
19 April 2021 (01:45)
Please, welcome the new Senior Tutor player Yaba Daba Dooh. He is active frecuently and he is also helping me mapping as Senior Tutor Dragon does.
18 April 2021 (22:01)
Events will now be monthly. I will plan a proper schedule with my tutors for a variable kind of events every month.
18 April 2021 (11:11)
Due a considerable aumont of money invested in Cateroide's advertising, shop is now 50% off discount until Sun 25 APR 2021! Thank you for supporting Rookgaard Tales!
16 April 2021 (01:56)
The sword of fury has new powers while enchanted. Use it as a rune! Elemental Damage display in weapons has been fixed. Cipfried now may log out you from game if you ask him. Paco's bow will now give diferent arrow kind depending on your level.
15 April 2021 (23:56)
Cael and Norma now sells statue kits for decoration.You may now unlock Virgilia Summon (Paco's bow requiered). Level 2 bridge has been fixed. Blessed arrow no longer causes area damage.
15 April 2021 (04:25)
Fixed enchanting system. Fixed varios NPC reported bugs. Fixed GH depot bugs. Added a new daily quest, use strange bonepile to get a daily item.
15 April 2021 (04:23)
Non default Cipsoft's Rookgaard content has been locked until your character reaching level 8.
14 April 2021 (04:50)
NPC Django has been fixed. Enchanting Weapons system has been fixed.
11 April 2021 (03:41)
Game recived a partial update, pelase read the facebook news:
02 April 2021 (23:25)
Demodras will no longer fly with skull marked characters neither summoned by them.
02 April 2021 (21:33)
Blessed arrow now deals double damage depending on your skills. Making it similar to assassin star/infernal bolts.
31 March 2021 (09:05)
Player Sir Archel Raynux has been promoted to Senior Tutor.
31 March 2021 (02:18)
Anti-Multiclient has been enabled again due constant abuses. Because of this harassment will be punished with a 45 day black skull.
30 March 2021 (22:22)
Item loot rate for crafting equipment and level up summons has been buffed.
27 March 2021 (03:44)
Summons have been re-edited. Also the summon bosses to fight have been adjusted as the dificulty according the place where they spawn.
23 March 2021 (18:33)
Summons are being re-worked once again. This is because of the Dark World introduction to game in the near future. I need to adjust the content for you guys to enjoy the new things to come, as it is the new summons levels.
21 March 2021 (09:33)
Distance Ammunition has been fixed. It will no longer heal your enemies.
21 March 2021 (09:29)
Elemental weapons now deal physical and elemental damage, their damage base has been also adjusted as real tibia once was back in 8.x updates, their charges were also nerfed.
21 March 2021 (00:19)
Special Thanks to Snavy from for helping me solving the php issue with paypal new IPs. Looks like it's working now but if you have any problem buying points just send me a message at discord or here in facebook. Thank you!
13 March 2021 (20:55)
All inactive accounts and characters have been deleted. Next Time: If you ever want to recover a lost account, contact me via discord with evidence of ownership of the character before it's deleted forever because of inactivity.
13 March 2021 (20:54)
Elemental Weapons have been fixed. Now they will deal damage properly based in your level and melee skills.
13 March 2021 (18:34)
Houses were reset. Please give ur feedback at the forum about the House regulation ingame. This is a measure to avoid abuse. Items from houses were sent to their owner's depot.
10 March 2021 (04:53)
Double Exp Scroll is fixed. It will no longer remove the double experience condition at logging out. It will respect the experience bonus time left.
08 March 2021 (08:43)
Cateroide wants $ 120 USD for a 10 minutes video of publicity of our server. If you guys really want him to help us, please help me donating money to the server to pay for the video. Thank you!
08 March 2021 (00:03)
Today's event was so fun! Thank you! Please invite your friends to play!
08 March 2021 (00:03)
You will no longer die walking in water without the waterwalking boots. Insthead you will be teleported to the temple. This is because some bug with the OTClient in Android.
05 March 2021 (03:09)
Player Dooms Day, Aspire and Sir Archel Raynux are the new tutors of Rookgaard Tales. They are recognized players for helping me spread the word about us.
03 March 2021 (04:46)
Player Dragon and Lex are the new senior tutors of Rookgaard Tales. Senior Tutors has the power to ban player for breaking the game rules. Welcome to the Team!
03 March 2021 (04:18)
Shiva, Bahamut and Knightmare lvl 3 got a re-config. Lily NPC will no longer take your vials without giving you a ticket. Diana NPC now works prooperly after giving her medicine.
02 March 2021 (01:53)
Server rules have been updated.
01 March 2021 (04:16)
The Oracle has awoken once again! Come and raise your skills! - No rules restrictions in skills event this time due past server bugs, this is a compensation.
26 February 2021 (11:21)
Server is now stable again. Fixed Palomino NPC. If server crash again let me know to reset everyone's outfits, the recent crash issues are because buged outfit condition given by him.
26 February 2021 (09:38)
Server is under emergency maintainance. It will be crashing during tests.
24 February 2021 (22:33)
Special Thanks to Heavy Metal Gamer for the new YouTube video serie.
21 February 2021 (22:50)
Remember every sunday we have server events! Thanks for playing Rookgaard Tales!
21 February 2021 (02:49)
Super Nova and Tsunami magic spells have been updated. Now they deal more damage.
16 February 2021 (04:39)
Now you can purchase an unjustified points and skull remover. But it won't be for cheap. Understand we need to maintain a good enviorment and balance in the game.
14 February 2021 (08:20)
Rookgaard Tales whishes you a Happy Valentine's Day! Today at 12:00 P.M. Mex the tornament will take place! Valentina will also visit the village.
13 February 2021 (04:00)
Server is under DDos Attacks. I already e-mailed the VPS company to contract anti DDos Services. Sorry for the downtime.
13 February 2021 (02:31)
Irea NPC is now able to teach you conjure bolt, piercing bolt, power bolt and sniper arrow magic spells.
12 February 2021 (06:51)
PVP rules have changed. You may not get damage from your foes unless they turn agression directly to you. Summons will no longer damage you with area spells.
12 February 2021 (06:24)
Summons have been updated. Cipfried sells more spells for paladins. The new PVPArena is ready to use at the Academy. Dwarven Pick now has higher gems and iron ore rate.
08 February 2021 (23:44)
After today's server save. Bots will be BANNED. If they do not stop, then I 'll proceed with the deletion of their account. I cannot let you ruin the game. Thanks for Understanding.
08 February 2021 (23:43)
After today's server save players and accounts with more than 1 month of inactivity will be deleted. This is because the database lags after every save every 10 minutes. And it takes so long to save lots of data of inactive players.
08 February 2021 (02:40)
We have reached the new record of 50 players online today! Thank you very much!
08 February 2021 (02:39)
Spell damage formulas have been set exactly like Cipsoft's Tibia.
06 February 2021 (11:26)
The Sword of Fury Quest has been re-activated waiting for a new humble bearer. Only Player Gandalf and Heavy Metal owns a Sword of Fury. Will you be the thrid one? Good Luck!
06 February 2021 (00:29)
The Oracle will be summoned next Sunday at 12 PM (Mex Time). Invite your friends to this special event!
03 February 2021 (03:46)
Fixed some minor bug in slime fungus daily task. You can now repeat the daily task. Dragon and Dragon Lord now has double loot rate in diamond and sapphires.
02 February 2021 (12:28)
With today's server save the following NPCs were modified in their sellables: Rashid, Uzgod, Robin, Grandfather Tridian, Temoc, Neza, Fynn, Darakan and Irea, Paulie. New visitor NPC Django. Adjusted obsidian lance.
02 February 2021 (02:25)
Download the new Windows Rookgaard Tales Official client from the downloads section. You still can use Cipsoft's client if you desire it.
31 January 2021 (11:38)
Today at 12 Hours (MX Time) We will have a special raids event and contests with prizes! Invite your friends to join the fun!
31 January 2021 (11:26)
RAM and CPU of the server has been upgraded once again due game crashes (CPU/RAM was at 90%). Rent is now $ 30.00 USD per month but we have more power a no more crashes since the upgrade. Please use the shop services to keep the project alive. Thank you!
31 January 2021 (10:10)
With today's server save a new shortcut has beed added to Quezacotl temple using one of the cyclops area wagons. Lily now accepts vials and all kind of flask for a lottery tickets. Shimmer Axe has been nerfed.
30 January 2021 (09:12)
With today's server save: Crafting and Lvl up summon requierements has been nerfed. New areas and quests were introduced. New visitors NPCs. Access to some spawns were modified. Several bug fixes and NPC typos. New devil whistle item in shop.
26 January 2021 (10:33)
You may now learn "Call Summon" magic spell from Hyacinth NPC. It will teleport the summons to your position. It is for any player of level 25 or higher and it costs 3000 gold.
26 January 2021 (04:26)
Loot rate has been adjusted in every monster file. Enjoy!
25 January 2021 (10:52)
Player Dooms Day will be testing Paco's Sword for 2 days in order to implement it correctly in game without bugs. Please understand this testing is necesary.
25 January 2021 (07:48)
To improve security and performance, regular maintenance for the server will be performed between 22:00 PM and 5:00 AM 01/25/2021 CST (UTC-06:00). There will be 10-30 minutes of downtime in Rookgaard Tales during the frame.
22 January 2021 (19:48)
If you see a character killed by creature "Paco" it's just me doing tests about possible bugs or new content. Special Thanks to those players who sacrifice in order others can enjoy.
21 January 2021 (08:35)
The mechanical fishing rod rates for catch items have been nerfed.
20 January 2021 (23:30)
The prices in the Rookgaard Tales Shop have been reduced drastically. Money has been flowing well, but this is to encourage players from other countries who cannot affrod much to use the services. Thank you for your support!
18 January 2021 (19:14)
The Raids inside of the village have been disabled. I will manually trigger them in events.
18 January 2021 (08:56)
Invite your friends! If we reach 100 players online the Festival of the Hunt event will be released! You can read about the event at the Library Vault.
18 January 2021 (08:54)
Today we had an special event to celebrate the resurection of the server. Understand that I won't give items/help/hints/clues or interfiere with your game in any way until the next event takes place.
18 January 2021 (08:53)
With today's server save the water elementals at the Quara Scouts zone have been removed. Also Diana NPC now reacts to regular keywords in her schizophrenic state in order to find clues about her. Other minor map bugs have been corrected.
15 January 2021 (19:54)
Special Thanks to player Dragon for the contribution with some mapping zones. If you want to help you can send me your maps via discord and I will evaluate them and might use them in game.
14 January 2021 (07:38)
Remember I use a DDNS. If your antivirus warns you about the windows client from site, just permit it or you can just use any default Tibia 9.1 client.
13 January 2021 (20:12)
During Sunday a special event will take place in server. Stay in touch!
13 January 2021 (09:02)
Several map bugs have been fixed. NPC Sinatuki now exchanges shard for rare fishes. Added more items to the shop.
11 January 2021 (06:13)
We are starting to grow again. Shop is working well. The server is ready for action! Once we reach a stable player base again I will name 3 tutors to ban bots, so please, avoid abuses if you can. Get used to play fairly.
05 January 2021 (08:37)
Helpdesk was bugged and I couldn't reply until I fixed today. I replied all messages. Sorry for the delays. You can always contact me via discord or facebook page. Also you can use the website forums. Thank you!
03 January 2021 (21:21)
If you like Rookgaard Tales, please donate for support the project or buy any of the shop items. I need money to pay the server rent and recover some of the lost money I paid.
03 January 2021 (18:36)
PvP protection increased until level 50. This way you can have more fair player vs player battles.
02 January 2021 (23:01)
Free Premium has been enabled again. More shop items have been added to the shop.
30 December 2020 (10:56)
Server has been updated! I need help testing the Premium time purchase function (Shop). Any issue let me now. Official News Update Announcement will be at 31 Dec 2020.
04 December 2020 (09:28)
The useless antibot feature has been disabled from game. I will name 2 or 3 tutors in game to ban bots and regulate behaivor among players after the update. I will need help from all possible countries. Please contact the players who quit if you can.
04 December 2020 (07:48)
My vacations starts in 18 Dec 2020. I will be free for two weeks I will fully work in server all days, all day and update it with amazing new content.
04 December 2020 (07:47)
I apologize for not having time for you guys. Server has been under DDoss attacks lately. I've auto-blocked some IPs when they reach the max packet, so I hope the server can run weeks without problems.
24 November 2020 (08:43)
I made some test with Gandalf and Sovy last night. Shimmer weapons have been nerfed for mages. Water Wave Spell has been nerfed aswell. Fixed a couple of bugs with "What a Foolish Quest" NPCs and items.
14 November 2020 (22:11)
Special Thanks to Znote for php support with Guildhouse list display bug.
13 November 2020 (18:36)
Congratulations to player Gandalf and player Sovy for solving the maze of fury and sword of fury mysteries!
31 October 2020 (00:35)
Hallowen events will be held in server today and tomorrow. I 'll log in and mess with ya randomly when I got the time.
25 October 2020 (08:24)
I'm having some real life issues. But I still work in the update everyday. I've decided to expand the lore and quests until level 90+. After the update I will create a pool for you guys to decide wich of the planned updates you want next.
25 October 2020 (08:22)
Portable Hole now is consumible. You can exhange another one for a gold ingot with Dorian NPC after completing his quest.
15 October 2020 (09:32)
PVP is back to the server. I bought more RAM for the VPS. Server rent is now $ 19.99 USD per month. Please donate money to keep the project alive. The update will take place soon.
10 October 2020 (00:16)
Server will be non-pvp for some weeks until the update is ready. I 'll balance up things and check the cases of racism among players.
08 October 2020 (09:56)
Special Thanks to our player Luhel for the donation of $ 50.00 USD.
01 October 2020 (05:04)
All demon shields have been deleted from server. You have to go and try to loot a new one due bug abuse.
30 September 2020 (06:42)
His Majesty, King Tibianus III will now visits us every monday.
29 September 2020 (03:51)
Average mexican lacks of culture and education, I am sorry for that. I WILL NOT TOLERATE OFENSIVE/RACIST BEHAIVOR AMONG PLAYERS. Chat logs have been enabled. Report any offensive comments to me.
28 September 2020 (09:48)
Server rules have been updated.
28 September 2020 (09:20)
The server is not pay to win. Please do not expect advantage over other players by giving me money.
25 September 2020 (07:27)
To avoid confusions, guilds options at website have been updated. You may now invite guild members and join guilds only via game client commands.
25 September 2020 (05:24)
Paladin and Knight vocations have been balanced. Further changes may apply in the course of the week, aswell for mages.
22 September 2020 (05:53)
NPC Uzgod and Arwen have been remaked 100%.
21 September 2020 (07:20)
I keep working in map and lore expansion. I hope you like it! Also if you want to create spawns for the game just map and send them to me, If they are good enough I will add them to the game!
21 September 2020 (07:19)
Due the new condition of shimmer weapons NPC Uzgod has been updated with more forging weapons. I will add the rest of the armors and weapons tomorrow.
20 September 2020 (07:08)
Shimmer Weapons will now last only 24 hours.
20 September 2020 (07:06)
The weapons and hunts that I had back then when there was few player base will be adjusted. I already nerfed summons as you can see. Currently I am expanding lore and modifying old mine 30+ spots access and routes.
20 September 2020 (03:47)
Since I couldn't update map with low RAM. I boosted exp of flea and bonebeasts back again. Enjoy the hunts while I add new content. Coming soon! :D
19 September 2020 (11:09)
NPC Rashid has been updated. I will introduce new visitors buyers npcs with more content this week.
18 September 2020 (22:35)
Special Thanks to OTClientV8 Team for correcting trade window bug just for our server version, and player Xemor for helping me to customize the client APK while I was busy fixing the database.
18 September 2020 (22:33)
The android APK has been updated. The trade window bug has been corrected. Download the new APK from the "Download Client" section.
18 September 2020 (08:14)
Trainers will be at academy today until server save.
18 September 2020 (04:55)
Special Thanks to our player Maguinho for the donation of $ 9.54 USD.
18 September 2020 (04:13)
Special Thanks to our player Monster for the donation of $ 4.77 USD.
18 September 2020 (03:08)
Special Thanks to our player Kinazinha for the donation of $ 40.00 USD
18 September 2020 (00:02)
Players have been restored. If you need anything let me know.
17 September 2020 (16:30)
If you want an even bigger game, please keep the server alive by donating money, that is the only way we can get and pay more RAM for a bigger map and database.
17 September 2020 (16:29)
I won't be able to expand map soon, because I think the database crash is related with the low RAM and map update. From now on updates will be massive but will take much more time. I will backup everyday the server from now on. Sorry for all this mess.
17 September 2020 (16:28)
Due some critical error with database, the server has been restored to the state of three days ago. I already restored around 15 players actual data. Tell others to send me message at discord to restore their equipment and level.
14 September 2020 (10:15)
I am currently working in a remake-balancing of the summon system and new areas and quests too. Still need to adjust some sellables prices, remake synth and forge for old mine npcs and add synth to Irea NPC for paladins firsts.
14 September 2020 (10:13)
With today's server save brass sets quests changed into plate set quests, also some new mini quests were added. Increased cocoon aumont at the tunnel terror quest. Relocated Fire Shirne under dragon corpse quest (Need pick and destroy field rune)
14 September 2020 (05:51)
NPC Lily has been remaked 100%, I 'll edit Irea NPC tomorrow for paladin synths. Enjoy the new items!
12 September 2020 (10:58)
NPC Obi has been remaked 100% I am tired, I 'll edit Lily NPC tomorrow. Enjoy the new items!
12 September 2020 (06:34)
Antibot system will now ban your account for 12 hours after 3 frags. Every antibot frag lasts 12 hours aswell.
11 September 2020 (09:59)
Strange Red Powder now creates more illusions. New Houses after today's server save. Inner Quezacotl Temple moved as lvl 90+ area behind demon gate due update adjustments.
10 September 2020 (10:38)
NPCS: Asralius, Captain Haba, Gimli, Grandfather Tridian, Irea, Robert, Robin, Rosemarie and Uzgod sellable product prices have been updated. Also new products were added. Some loot and npc feedback issues were attended.
10 September 2020 (01:39)
All monsters and bosses has a lil better loot now. I will increase sellable prices after I rest for a while. Plus I have to do my university homework. :/ Have Fun Guys!
09 September 2020 (09:58)
Due of Covid-19 issues, the activities at my job have been suspended. This means that I will have more time to edit the server, send me your feedback at the discord channel.
09 September 2020 (09:51)
Palomino and Budrik weekly services now costs 500 gold. Fixed small bug with Palomino NPC.
09 September 2020 (08:02)
Adjusted potions and rings prices. Now every blessing charm costs 2000 gold. This is because you now will drop a little more gold and creature products. Gold drop is custom only 20% chance per kill.
09 September 2020 (07:16)
All monsters have been edited with real tibia loot. Most of weapons and armors are rare loot because of the Forge and Synth system are going to recive a massive update. Renamed some custom monsters. I am tired, I will edit bosses loot tomorrow.
08 September 2020 (08:49)
PVP protection increased until level 20 due negative feedback about early pvp in game. I will adjust back to lvl 8 after some analysis. Right now I'm busy working in other game balance adjustments.
08 September 2020 (08:18)
Still 90 monsters left to edit. I'm tired I'll continue tomorrow. Questlog for Budrik Quest has been fixed. It's no longer possible to kill players with trap. Nerfed Boss Typhus.
07 September 2020 (07:54)
Loot rate has been set to 1x. All Cipsoft Rookgaard monsters loot rates have been set exactly as it should be and some more custom hunting areas. There is still 200 monsters left to edit, I will finish in the course of the week.
06 September 2020 (00:11)
Android Client has been updated and removed its bot. Special Thanks to player Xemor for all the help. Trade Window bug still persists. I'm seeking for help at
05 September 2020 (03:39)
Trisha now can give u warrior outfit if you gain melee, distance or shielding skills up to level 30.
04 September 2020 (03:51)
I know how uncomfortable the android client is. But please do not use it's bot. I 'll recompile without bot this weekend and try to fix trade window. Any help is welcome as I don't know how to fix the trade window bug yet. Bots will be punished.
03 September 2020 (08:25)
Added more rotworms in old mine spot. Removed sellable spider silk from Tom NPC. Boosted Crocodile gold and leather drop rate.
03 September 2020 (04:37)
Changes after today's server save: Terramites were removed from low level tunnels, now you will fight some rebel dwarf miners.
03 September 2020 (04:27)
Changes after today's server save: A new wasp spawn cave under wasp tower has been added. All sunken area creatures were re-located to make an easier access to the frost dragons and Quezacotl temple.
02 September 2020 (07:30)
For 30+ players online and as special thanks to Heavy Metal Gamer Youtuber an special Adamantoise event was held today. Also some low level gear was given to players as special thanks for unique occasion. Thank you very much for playing.
01 September 2020 (07:19)
I will have more time to edit server. Send your feedback at discord or post it here in website forum.
31 August 2020 (04:03)
New NPC Guardian of the Deep Seas will spawn after server save at the ship graveyard. He will transport you quickly to new zones. Escape vine added in frost dragons nest. Crustacea Gitantica now might spawn at the ice cavern's sunken area.
30 August 2020 (06:52)
Typo at proposals thread has been fixed. Amber now reacts to the word book and notebook. Vascalir now allude to fresh corpses in the Rational Request mission dialogue.
30 August 2020 (06:29)
New 2+ crocodile spawn at dock. Added swamp trolls at the north spawn. New 60+ Frost Dragons and Banuta-Like Quezacotl Pyramids. Fixed exori san range. Fixed Lily NPC wands and rods. New Raids. Some map bugs corrected.
28 August 2020 (03:21)
Special Thanks to Heavy Metal Gamer YouTuber for the very cool video of our server you can watch it here:
28 August 2020 (02:56)
I was not able to fix the trade window bug in OTClientV8 for android but I sent a message to the developers. I will fix as soon as they explain me how to fix. Now you can get more valuables while minning. Now goblin drops small axe a little more often.
25 August 2020 (05:07)
I'm doing some website changes. Sorry if u see any bugged thing. I had to go out but I will try to finish today.
24 August 2020 (08:29)
This weekend was my girlfriend's birthday. I wasn't able to edit much, but I will try on wendesday to update and add more content to the game.
20 August 2020 (04:38)
Field runes now works properly. Added new mysterious NPC at the old mine, He has 50% chance of visiting us in saturday, his name is Rerum and you can find him around the killer caiman's place. Fixed level 50+ lever. Shimmer bow now has more attack stats.
18 August 2020 (08:33)
Carlos will make bag of apple slices for you again after completing his quests, Darakan now has special trade items.
18 August 2020 (06:07)
Balanced level 50+ zone. Added many new lootable items to monsters. NPC Uzgod now buys many weapons and armors. Added sacarabs to Rookgaard Graveyard Crypt.
18 August 2020 (06:06)
Now is much easier to forge jagged sword/daramian mace/steel axe. When reaching level 8 Seymour will give Knights jagged sword/daramian mace/steel axe depending on their highest skill.
17 August 2020 (09:00)
I am very tired, been working all day on the server. I might not paid attention 100% in everything, if u find a bugged code or map bug let me know. In the couse of the week several new lootable items will be added. Please be patient.
17 August 2020 (08:59)
NPC Grombur at deeper mine grants you access to the new lvl 50+ zone. This is not an easy play zone, gather a team after completing his task. Lock picks are needed hijack norma's door and complete this quest. New obtainable shimmer weapons.
15 August 2020 (07:28)
Special Thanks to our player Castiel for the donation of $ 20.00 USD.
15 August 2020 (07:01)
Lvl 1 Summons have been boosted. Yet to implement Lvl 2 and 3 summons in game. Summons now cast exeta res and auto heal a significant aumont of life. Knightmare summon will deal a small damage while casting exeta res. Added more spells to summons.
14 August 2020 (01:49)
Double hit bug from monsters has been fixed as long as you don't hop into pz. Autorestarer will now work properly, server will auto save/restart at 3:00 a.m. USA Texas time.
12 August 2020 (08:29)
Now you might obtain a club, hand axe, or wooden sword from Santiago NPC if you decide to take the tutorial. Also Paco NPC gives you now wooden shield, leather helmet, legs and boots after completing the tutorial. Do not forget to ask him about a 'gift'.
11 August 2020 (08:53)
Many new areas and events in progress. I will update in the course of the week even more new quests, areas and lootables. Removed mining helmet item raid and cocoon raid. Consult discord for more details of today's update.
11 August 2020 (08:52)
Magma Salamander Spawn expanded. Dwarven tunnels expanded. New budrik mining helmet quest. New quests for shimer items, brass set and magician and ranger items. New monsters added ingame. New lootable items. Raids now trigger more often.
08 August 2020 (07:39)
Silkweaver bow now has Atk 14+. Tomorrow Saturday I will be on my new carrier at the university so I won't be able to hang in and code stuff til Sunday, several new items, spawns and quests will be added.
08 August 2020 (07:36)
Now you can forge knight set and new weapons at the old mine. Cipfried has new Atonement spell for paladins of level 13 or higher. God's Hand spell attack has been boosted. Giant Spider now has a very small chance of droping knight armor and legs.
06 August 2020 (09:24)
Special Thanks to player Sorcian for today's test session. Vocations will be balanced this weekend as today's test results.
06 August 2020 (06:38)
The following spawns were modified: Giant Spiders - Relocated Spawns. Frozen Tunnels - Added more Crystal Spider and Ice Golems. Killer Caimans - Added more Killer Caiman in the new cave. Dragons - A dragon lord was added to the quest spot.
05 August 2020 (05:50)
After today's server save monsters will respawn every 60 seconds insthead of 3 minutes. New areas for the new weapons and runes still in the makin' also some new quests. Please be patient.
04 August 2020 (03:36)
Irea NPC will visit every weekend from now on. All visitors NPCs now has 50% chance of visiting the village, exception of the arkarra stampor mount. Silkweaver bow will be boosted next SS. (Currently under test by player Dwjai)
03 August 2020 (05:39)
Quezacotl temple upper spawn has been expanded. Dwarven rebel mine has been expanded with more dwarves, stone golems and magma salamander. I will add more areas next weekend. Have fun!
02 August 2020 (12:10)
Old mine flea tunnels have beeen connected and expanded. Killer Caiman zone has been expanded. New Old Mine 30+ zone, the frozen tunnels with crystal spider, ice golem and wyverns. Even more new zones and monsters will come this week.
01 August 2020 (10:51)
Rashid now buys everything at better price. Removed some items from rashid that will be sellable in old mine. Adjusted some loot drops. As I included lots of new things from mainland gameplay, an huge map update is comming with harder challenges.
31 July 2020 (08:05)
I will study a new carrier in a new mexican university on saturdays, plus my government job too! My only free day for full server edits will be sundays. I will work in mapping from now on and in new quests and hunting grounds. Please invite your friends!
31 July 2020 (06:07)
Arwen, Cipfried, Irea, Trisha and Wyda has new mainland spells for all vocations. New arrow with holy damage. New custom conjure blessed arrow spell. Elven set now gives distance fighting skills. Old Mine shop now has piercing bolts among other items
31 July 2020 (00:48)
Special Thanks to our player Dwjai for the donation of $ 10.00 USD.
29 July 2020 (05:54)
NPC Arwen now synths very special weapons and armors. Old mine shop has been re-enabled with strong potion class, ammunition, runes and tools. Added many new hints to those new players who completed the tutorial, just walk to any nearby NPC or location.
28 July 2020 (08:53)
Uzgod NPC now crafts weapons and patched boots. Next step is to enable the old mine shop again and add new synth items and trade window goods 30+ (potions, runes, ammo, etc) Thanks for your patience.
26 July 2020 (23:57)
I had so much fun in today's event. Thank you very much! The Festival of the Hunt event is coming soon! Stay in touch!
26 July 2020 (22:16)
You will be BotChecked every hour from now on with captcha. You will get teleported to the temple everytime you fail and get a frag. If you got 2 frags it will be 24 hours ban. Banned for 3 times means the total deletion of your account.
25 July 2020 (06:43)
Pieces of iron were removed from crafting equipment requierements. Fixed cyclops loot. Fixed hunting tasks bugs.
25 July 2020 (05:09)
Ice cream cones now recovers some stamina when using. Complete Hot Cousine quest for the legendary Sopa de Macaco Recipe - It recovers stamina completly. Uma delicia!
24 July 2020 (23:36)
Tomorrow saturday 25 Jul and sunday 26 Jul I will have some fun with you and trigger random raids in Rookgaard! This special event won't repeat soon! The event will start at 12:00 MXT in both days.
23 July 2020 (07:12)
Quezacotl temple has been expanded. New monster: Demonic Quetzal. Fleas now are slower and has more experience points. New quest at Quezacotl temple: Legendary Dwarven Pickaxe Quest (Unbreakable pick) Adjusted some loot.
23 July 2020 (04:27)
Uzgod NPC is now able to forge plate set and more! I will be adding more items to this npc in the course of the week, I need to rest a little today.
22 July 2020 (03:52)
Cipfried now teach blessed arrow spell for level 40. (paladins) 2 new spells has been added to test, you do not need to learn them, only level 14 is required for now. exori hur flam (sorcerers) exori hur frigo (druids)
21 July 2020 (09:56)
Gimli NPC has new 30+ hunting tasks jobs.
19 July 2020 (10:10)
Obi and Lily can forge and synth many new armors and weapons for you. Irea now has a 50% chance to spawn white deers when giving a captured wolf. (Killing a white deer might trigger massive elf raid, transforming the island into a new elf hunting area.)
18 July 2020 (21:08)
Special Thanks to player Merk for the donation of $ 20.00 USD.
18 July 2020 (11:18)
I decided to not expand the map too much. (The server doesn't has much RAM) So the mine will have a new tunnel system, but the new hunting spots will be spread under Rookgaard. Access for the sunken zone 60+ will be required.
18 July 2020 (11:15)
Most of the monsters were updated with real tibia values. Exception of the ones you find in early game. Over power items have been removed from regular monsters. As result of this, now sunken zone is for level 60+.
17 July 2020 (09:30)
The dwarven shop at the old mine has been temporaly modified due new changes coming!
17 July 2020 (09:30)
Most of overpower weapons will be removed from regular monsters. Obi the blacksmith will be able to synth new weapons and armors for you. Aswell Lily will be able to synth new wands and rods. Stay in touch! I'm working on my free time on all of this.
17 July 2020 (09:24)
The wands/rods now have real tibia attack values. Understand that leaving things as they was would end in totally unfair pvp battles and hunts. From now on I will not make everyone's opinion count without analyze them, I would end messing up the server.
16 July 2020 (03:13)
The underwater speed has real tibia values but still is extremely slow for Rookgaardians. I will try to find a way other than LUA to change the speed of the tile. You can do Hot Cousine Quest and buy the dish for underwater speed meanwhile.
15 July 2020 (06:32)
Soul Healing Rune and Soul Steal Rune have been improved.
15 July 2020 (04:13)
Wyda now teaches Physical Strike for druids and Death Strike for sorcerers.
14 July 2020 (11:26)
House prices have been set to static cheap prices depending on the house. A new GuildHall 'Giant Tree' has been added to the game. No more houses/guildhalls will be added again.
14 July 2020 (07:44)
Items from all houses have been sent to their owners. Houses storage has been changed from binary to tilebased in our database due a serious bug with storage in binary mode.
14 July 2020 (07:41)
Special thanks to player Merk and Ximbauw for today's special tests on server.
12 July 2020 (22:09)
Dawnport trolls hunting spot was added on the free account trolls zone. Fixed bugs with house tiles. As you already might know all isle of destiny spots are on map. I will do the same with dawnport.
12 July 2020 (10:03)
New monster introduced: Flea. 2 new hunting spots at the old mine (Flea Tunnels) 1 new hunting spot at the ice cavern (Sunken Spot) 1 new hunting spot at the ancient vampire crypt (Need key from boss to access)
11 July 2020 (02:27)
NPC Darakan and Robin now buys goblin ears. Special Thanks to players Diagnos, Draky Lucas, Fox Knight and Sorcian for today's testing of raids and summons, balance will be applied in base of the testing results.
10 July 2020 (17:11)
Special Thanks to our player Sorcian for the donation of $ 10.00 USD.
09 July 2020 (17:53)
Anti-Multiclient has been applied for everyone. Now only 1 character for IP is allowed.
07 July 2020 (07:19)
Boosted Lancer Bettle and Brimstone Bug a little to make their area more challenging.
05 July 2020 (19:48)
The antimalware system auto-deleted the FonsecaServ.exe and the server was down. I added it as an exclusion and the server is up again. I am really sorry for the downtime guys.
05 July 2020 (02:37)
The Hunt for the Sea Serpents quest has been modified. Now it's easier to access sunken zones. (Suggested by players Laylee and Glaszcz Koldre)
04 July 2020 (12:32)
Wyda NPC now teaches more spells for sorcerers and druids.
03 July 2020 (17:22)
Server was offline due an small error at auto-restarting. The problem has been fixed and the server is up again. Apologies.
03 July 2020 (09:34)
The weapons.xml file has been updated exactly as real tibia. Added more surprises to the new old mine shop npc after completing Cael's Quest.
03 July 2020 (01:45)
Special Thanks to our player Laylee for the donation of $12.00 USD
03 July 2020 (01:45)
Suggested by player Laylee, mana and antidote potion prices has been set to 20 gold each. However I decied to nerf the small axe drop rate a little.
01 July 2020 (03:29)
The underground/mountain tiles bug that allowed players to move items on them has been fixed. Minor map corrections. The 'donate' website option now re-directs to paypal.
29 June 2020 (05:35)
Al Dee's and Willie's daily tasks bugs corrected. The rabbit changes prooperly after skin it. The wooden planks change back to damaged walls after a while. Items.xml has been updated, all items names will display exactly as real tibia.
27 June 2020 (04:06)
Two new Guildhouses have been added. NPCs Trisha, Irea and Cipfried now sells new spells. A new dwarven shop has been added to the deeper old mine.
26 June 2020 (04:13)
Trisha now has chance to visit everyday the village. Also she has a new training centre hunting task. Breakchance from spears has been reduced, this change will apply on today's server save.
25 June 2020 (00:04)
Cheese drop from rat has been increased. Wood Mushroom drop from swamp troll has been increased. Wyda's magic powders will not remove if they have no effect from now on. Mage begginer spells have been boosted a lil bit.
24 June 2020 (07:52)
Spider Queen attack has been boosted up to 90 max damage. Fixed energy elemental bug.
24 June 2020 (04:36)
Special Thanks to our player Fox Knight for the donation of $10.00 USD
23 June 2020 (18:45)
Join our Official Discord Server!
23 June 2020 (08:20)
I tested the free VPS from my job (Mexican Government) but it was super lag. We will continue with the $ 9.99 USD rent of this server. I was hoping on having this server online without spending money but It is impossible right now.
23 June 2020 (00:27)
Spell list from website was modified. It now display only basic spells with no spoilers. Minor Map and NPC fixes. Trisha NPC has a new hunting task available. Hyacinth NPC now sells destroy field runes.
21 June 2020 (18:27)
Robin and Trevor have a chance to visit the village everyday from now on. Nerfed the silver amulet drop chance from trolls. Soul Steal Rune now requires only 3 Soul Points. Reduced Housing costs.
21 June 2020 (07:25)
Jun 20 2020 Updated Website. Fixed Online/Highscores/Item Market database bugs. Disabled in-game Account Manager. Created changelog with Rookgaard Tales history.
21 June 2020 (07:22)
Jun 20 2020 Summon System is implemented. Added Temple of the Lizard God from Dawnport at the tortoises area. Added new mutated custom zone at the submarine area. Renamed update related items.
21 June 2020 (07:19)
Jun 19 2020 Modified Santiago's mini cockroach hunt reward. Fixed Tom NPC keywords bugs. Fixed Cobra corpse bug.
21 June 2020 (07:16)
Jun 16 2020 Hunting Task system added. Monsters re-balance.
21 June 2020 (07:15)
Jun 15 2020 I take the lead on the project. Griz starts his custom Rookgaard Tales Project. Sora starts an OTServBr Server at Server resets due botters problems. Added antibot system. Fixed around 10+ small minor bugs.
21 June 2020 (07:12)
May 21 2020 Project resurects Online BETA phase started. Project Hosted by Sora from and Griz. Changed monster stats back as real tibia. Added gold drop to monsters again. Added spells from dawnport. Transport Horses added.
21 June 2020 (07:09)
Apr 28 2020 Flaming Haste Spell added as Demon's Lulluaby Quest reward.
21 June 2020 (07:08)
Apr 16 2020 Small Tutorial Quest fixes.
21 June 2020 (07:04)
Apr 9 2020 10 new quests are added: Tutorial, Demon's Lulluaby, daily tasks, etc. Taming Summons system. New custom zones under Rookgaard. New Monsters and Bosses. New Raids. New Houses. New Events. Fixed all bug reports.
21 June 2020 (06:58)
Jun 29 2019 Organized all server files and directories. Updated spells. Maze of Fury is created. Sword of Fury quest is finished. Project dies and server files are shared for free at
21 June 2020 (06:57)
Jun 9 2016 Added visitors and new quests. Added blessing system. Added rent mount system. Added real tibia monster pack. Removed gold drop from Monsters and boosted their stats. FonsecaServ.exe upgrades.
21 June 2020 (06:54)
Dec 31 2015 Island of Destiny dungeons were added as secret areas in Rookgaard. Added old mine. Created ore wagon transport system. Added 50+ Raids. Hot Cousine Quest.
21 June 2020 (06:50)
Apr 22 2015 60+ NPCs Added. 40+ Quests Added. Outfit/Addons/Mounts systems. New spells. New Items. Houses added. Marriage system. Updated bank, mining/Fishing/Lumberjack systems. Revamped Rookgaard.
21 June 2020 (06:45)
Dic 03 2011 The server recived a massive update to 9.1 version. FonsecaServ.exe Ver. 1.0 develop is finished.
21 June 2020 (06:44)
Jan 11 2008 Rookgaard Tales 8.1 is created as default Cipsoft's Rookgaard with minor changes.
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