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21 June 2024 (07:43) Reward Shirne will give you a free gold converter after today's save. Package of Potions will now give 50% more potions after using it.
06 June 2024 (06:05) Event skill powders cost has been reduced to 200 Tibia Coins.
05 June 2024 (07:56) New Ruthless Seven Demon: Apocalypse will be available at the northern part of the Dark World after today's save.
05 June 2024 (07:55) Daily Reward Shrine will recieve a small fix. Skill powders will have a maximum usage of ten per character (Only 10 powders by character, no matter if they are diferent kind of skill).
05 June 2024 (07:55) Respawn of Ice Dragons and Grim Reapers will recieve a relocation to allow lower levels to exploit the respawns by single gameplay.
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[#6] 28 December 2022 (01:37) by Francisco Fonseca - 2022 Winter Update

The Winter Update has just been released, so let's briefly look at the new features and content which are in store for you:

The Tibia coins have been introduced to game with a new mechanic they are now droped by bosses and also obtained in rewards at Quests and Hunting Tasks! Using a Tibia Coin will give you 1 free shop point.
Vengoth Castle at Dawnport and Thais City have been introduced to the game this year as huge playable respawns with quests and mysteries! They both have interesting lore and content.
The player versus players battles are now optional by using our special game command. However there is a cooldown between changes so choose wisely your game mode.
The God Summon Bosses now are very strong and challenging to make even the advanture more interesting and they drop lots of cool rewards!
The Dark World also recived update with it's first dungeon and some new quests and areas. I will keep working in 2023 to introduce the rest of the Dark Dungeons and lots of respawns there.
Due Open Tibia player community standars, sadly, botting is now allowed in server. But only under certain circunstances. Massive botting or afk farming will be punished with the banishment of your account.

I want to give speical thanks to our contributors and the new contributors of the project that joined this year to make this dream possible. Wish I could name you all but the list would be too long! You can read about them at the memorial of Rookgaard Temple. The server made now the magic number of $ 100,279.00 MXN during the last 13 months. No donations to charity were made at this time. I can't Thank You enough for your support, our future looks brighter than ever and I will work harder to bring you the best rpg quality content.

I wish you a Happy New Year!


I hope you enjoy the new update,
Francisco Fonseca

This is a fanmade game by Francisco Fonseca. Please, play and support Cipsoft's Tibia at 
Copyright Cipsoft GmbH. All rights reserved. Tibia is a registred trademark of Cipsoft GmbH.

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