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    24 September 2023 (19:21) After today's save default decoration from ground tiles will be removed. This is to avoid conflicts when adding the new store decoration.
    24 September 2023 (06:59) New gear tools in shop with custom useful tool functions! - Please support the server!
    24 September 2023 (06:59) Furniture Prices have been fixed. Special Thanks to @Caranthir for the help. Mailboxes now have weight to avoid abuses.
    24 September 2023 (06:58) New Ice Dragons at Sunken Zone Iceberg for level 200.
    24 September 2023 (06:58) Level requirment for isle of the Gods is now level 30.
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    [#5] 30 November 2021 (07:42) by Francisco Fonseca - 2021 Dark World Update

    The Dark World Update has just been released, so let's briefly look at the new features and content which are in store for you:

    You may now explore a full new world of ruin inside of the brain of the crazy lady from Orc Fortress. You need to start the mission with Rapanaio NPC at the deeper dwarven mines. Once you complete his task, you may access to the insides of the Lady's brain and play in a mirrored image of the memories disturbed by her mental problems. It is recomended to play in team because the world is full of demons and overwhelming creatures. I need to explain you first that the Dark World is a playable prototype version of the game. I will be adding content during the course of 2022.

    The Light World also received important updates. The dificulty of the game has been reduced with the intention of attract more casual players, the crafts have been removed from game, also a version of all the real Tibia Quests have been implemented in game, as exception of those planned to be used in the Dark World. The level limits between areas have been removed so may free roam everywhere once you obtain level 8, even take the challenge to access Dark World.

    I want to give a very special Thanks to all our contributors of the project, some of them still support me, others don't but I'd like to give a special mention to Juan Sanchez, also known in game as player Yaba Daba Dooh for the mapping job of the Dark World his creativity is like magic, I just gave some examples to him of how the map should be, but all credits are to him. You will be amazed exploring Sanchez' Dark World, it has detail in every corner. I want to mention and thank our money contributors aswell because they are the fuel of the project, Lex, Taubateh, Yalel, Sanguine, Rudah, Kamikazeh, Ponteduro, Nephertys, Sir Archel Raynux, Sergei Archer, Nujabes, Fonkyo and many others that unfortunately the list would be too long to mention you all, but I appreciate very much your support and your time and story in my creation, the time we spent together, I cherish. All of you will be forever in my heart.

    The server made now the magic number of $143,587.00 MXN during 11 months Game Shop. Yesterday $ 13,000.00 MXN were donated to National Alliance on Mental Illness. Visit their website at: nami.org/Home
    $ 14,000.00 MXN were donated to charity at proninosdelacalle.org.mx/ in the month of June 2021.
    A total of $ 27,000.00 MXN have been donated to charity.

    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


    I hope you enjoy the new update,
    Francisco Fonseca

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