Rookgaard Tales | Quickstart Guide

Welcome to Rookgaard Tales! If you are new to Tibia or OTServers you can start the Tutorial with Cipfried. Start a conversation with Cipfried or any NPC by greeting him with 'hi' or 'hello' and then ask him about the tutorial. You can also ask him for directions by saying 'map' or 'mark'. Completing the Tutorial will grant you starter gear and basic knowledge about Tibia and Rookgaard Tales.

Gain experience points by defeating enemies at the sewer or the village surrondings, once you have obtained level 8 you can ask Seymour for a vocation at the Academy. A player's vocation shapes their entire life. It usually dictates what kind of weapons they use, how they make money, what kind of creatures they prefer to hunt, and many more things about them. If you want to know more about vocations read books at the Academy or ask to any teacher NPC.

It's recomended for low level adventurers to explore The Old Mine. You can easily find it at the north-eastern side of the village. There is a quick transport wagon system under the entire island! You may explore quickly many places.

Once you are in The Old Mine. Purchase a transport wagon ticket with Budrik the mine foreman from Kazordoon. You can also ask him for 'map' or 'marks' for your map. Some NPCs have interesing 'quests' or 'missions', if you complete Budrik's mission he will allow you to access new places using the transport wagons.

The Old Mine is huge! There are three main stations: One at the wastern part of the village and eastern part. You can begin by hunting Larvas go gain strengh or dare to face the might enslaved cyclops by the rebel dwarves. The thrid station can be accesed after completing Budrik's mission, you will find a shop, more NPCs with missions and many new hunting places, for example Dragon or Giant Spiders' nests!

For mid level adventurers there is the Sunken Zone, go the the Docks of the village and complete Captain Haba's mission to start the sea serpent hunt. Once you are in the sea, jump off the ship to explore a new huge underwater world. Beside Sea Serpents you may find very dangerous creatures like Quaras, Behemoths or Terror Worm nests.

In deep sea you will meet Alouette and her crustacean friend, once you complete her mission you will be able to fast-travel riding the crustacean to many new hunting grounds. You may also want to explore all the place by foot, what kind of secrets are hidden within the sea?

If you take the challenge and become a higher level adventurer you can find deep underground corrupted zones full of demons and overwhelming creatures. You better be prepared for a true challange, behind every Demon Gate lies a corruption boss from the Dark World!

If you want to know more about the Dark World and the corruption visit Rapanaio at the Old Mine and begin his mission. The Dark World is a mirrored image of Rookgaard corrupted by hate and despair of the twisted memories of Diana, the schizophrenic lady of Orc Fortress. Read our game lore to learn more about the game.

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