Rookgaard Tales | Light World Maps

Rookgaard is an island located in the bay of Thais where our adventure takes place. You may find the Rookgaard Adventurer's Academy to learn the basic about the life in Tibia.

Dawnport is an island north of Rookgaard it has been infected with an entity of chaos, the Vengoth Castle has spawned there amog with their Vampire Lords. All of the life that once surronded the place has been infected with corruption.

The Isle of the Kings is a small island, located in the sea southwest of Carlin. The White Raven Monastery has been destroyed by the corruption.

The Isle of the Gods is a small island, located in the sea northwest of Rookgaard. The Temple of Xandria has been abandoned becoming the lair of renegades and sinners.

The Isle of the Lost Gold is a small island located in the southwest of Rookgaard. Many legends of a Treasure stolen from Ankrahmun surronded the place.

The isle of the miners is an artificial island north east of Rookgaard built by dwarves who made the excavations of the old mine. The debris from the excavation was used to build this island attracting many sort of creatures to the place.

The Island Closets to Heaven is a small island located far in the southwest of Rookgaard. Named by Cultists whorshiped the Queen of the Dark World at her throne before she was captive. This is the spot where the corruption started.

Navora it's an island southwest from Rookgaard, It has been used as base by pirates who constantly attack Rookgaard looking for the lost treasure from Ankrahmun.

Valliscalla is an island located northwest of Rookgaard, home of barbarians and other creatures. It's said that Ice Giants live in the depths of this island.

Quetztlan is the home of aboriginal lizards who whorship the snake God. The lizard people have built several pyramids in the place.

Orasedom is an island northeast of Rookgaard close to Senja, Fibula and Folda. This place was once populated by a cult who whorship non Tibia Gods, but now is home of Wyrms and other creatures.

Zhakleir is an island west of Rookgaard, an attempt for built a civilitation by Ankrahmun people lies beneath the sands of the island. The place is surronded by Hydras and Giant Spiders.

Juranda is a hidden pair of islands west of Zhakleir. It's deep waters are home of Seacrest Serpents turning into extremely dangerous waters unreachable by boat. The islands are populated by Hydras, Dragons, Draptors and other dangerous reptiles.

The Sunken Graveyard was a group of royal ship who was attacked by pirates. It's said that the ghost of an ancient princess who was murdered in the assault roams the place.

Damassa is an ancient ship graveyard located at the east of Rookgaard. Sea serpents lurk the place attacking ships who travel nearby. The Captain Haba has travelled there from Svarground to hunt them down.

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