Rookgaard Tales | Story

Once upon a time there was a hunter named Paco who came from Thais to Rookgaard along with his lovely wife Diana, looking for a quite place to spend their days.

Diana was a sorcerer who began to study about new deities that mysticaly apeared in Tibia, she was able to talk to them and eventually with her charming chat and her wide knowledge about magic she was able to convince a deity summon named Knightmare to junction with her.

Paco had a job as hunter in the village he was always kindly helping everyone on thier problems. He also had a pet cat named Virgilia, who also helped to control the rat plague in the village.

Diana got a job as magic teacher at the Royal Tibian Adventurers Academy of Rookgaard, she quickly became popular due her special charm.

Paco was not really convinced about the usage of deity summons, as he began to note small changes in his wife behaivor after the junction with Knightmare.

After some months of living in Rookgaard, some kind of evil corruption infected Virgilia, turning her body into rotten flesh.

Paco tried to save her but there was no way to stop the corruption, so with help of a Witch from mainland Paco had to sacrifice his cat fusing her soul within his bow using forbidden magic spells.

While years passed by, Diana began to convice every deity to junction and share their power with her. She also gained a lot of new knowledge about magic by junctioning deity summons, but she refused to share it with the academy students.

Summons are deitys after all, and Gods do not give power for free, they began to play with her brain and slowly erased her memories and feelings.

Diana began to hear whispers within her head and her behaivor changed into an agressive person with delusions, imagine how painful this was for her husband.

With every new deity attached, her mind, her soul, her essence banished even more, it was just a matter of time until she was hollow, an empty body ready to be taken.

One day Paco and Diana went into a romantic picnic date at the river that divides Rookgaard, and after a long last kiss Diana had an outbreak of schizophrenia.

Trapped in her hatred Diana assassinated Paco and pushed him into the river, with a hollow look Paco put his sight for a last time in his wife's face trying to understand what just happend.

Everyone thoguht that Paco commited suicide and that Diana began to loose her head because of the loss, but she did not even remembered what happend.

After the tragedy Diana's mental outbreaks became more constant and began to be a trouble for the villagers until one day she went berserk and killed many innocents with her ultimate summon power, no one could stop her so the villagers hid in the sewers until her mental outbreak was gone.

The headmaster of the Royal Tibian Adventurers Academy of Rookgaard, Seymour and the rune magic spell teacher Garamond, who was a close friend of Diana went to talk to the King Tibianus at the Capital of the Thaian Kingdom to discuss what to do about Diana.

The King decided that Diana must pass the rest of her days as prisoner. Seymour kept her captive locked at a classroom of the academy for some time while he was trying to develop a cure for schizophrenia, but this could not last forever, more and more students began to ask about the crazy lady of the locked classroom.

Kraknaknork, the evil orc shaman of the Rookgaardian Orc Fortress noticed about this special girl and then in a very suspicious way he offered to make a truce of peace with the villagers in exchange of Diana's custody. Kraknaknork was very interested in this girl but Seymour decided to handle her to the Orcs as he could not risk the villagers again to another tragedy.

The orcs locked Diana in their Fortress and then Kraknaknork began to study her mind and body, he also contacted some cultists from mainland to study the strange "possesed" girl and reveal her secrets.

Everything went normal after that for a time and newcomers started their adventure in a northen island named Dawnport instead of Rookgaard and with the course of time even the Supreme Gods of Tibia forgot about what was happening in our island.

Suddenly out of nowhere corruption started to spread under Rookgaard infecting like a parasite multiple lifeforms and enviorments, Diana somehow worked as a bridge to another dimension by junctioning all of the deity summons.

The Cultists began to make a research about Diana and the corruption in their desperate need for power and after many failed dark rituals a creepy shadow appeared upon them and said: "I am your place of pleasure." It was a new deity called Eden, a Supreme God from another dimension.

The supreme Gods of Tibia Fardos the creator, and the duality God Uman the Wise and Zathroth the Destroyer put aside their diferences and went to Eden's Dark World. They joined forces in battle to defeat Eden who threatened their existence for the very first time.

Unfortunately the Supreme Gods were not match for this new deity. Eden proved to bend the mere reality and had powers that no one could imagine, he came from another dimension where maybe everything we know is diferent, perhaps that's why Eden has all of the Supreme Gods' creative and destructive power.

Many places of Rookgaard have changed their shape aswell the creatures and who knows how far this corruption affects Tibia without the Supreme Gods to stop it. Seymour has began to call brave adventurers once again in Rookgaard to fight againts the darkness that threaten our world, Tibia. Would you be brave enough to write your own tale in Rookgaard?

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